-1 I first discovered this Norwegian duo thanks to a very clever Geico commercial. I’m sure you all have seen years of the Geico Cave Men in various forms. It has been such a brilliant ad campaign, they even made a TV series based on the characters (although it feel way short of expectations). Anyway, they used a Royksopp song (Remind Me) in a commercial that featured a cave man walking through an airport with the song playing in the background. As soon as the commercial was over I was typing, “Geico commercial airport song” into google and boom I discovered Royksopp.

“Junior” is their third studio album and although a change from the sounds I first heard on their first album they still stay true to their down-tempo electronica sound. They keep you entertained from chill and inspiring “Royksopp Forever” to the more poppy and catchy “Happy Up Here”. I recommend playing it from front to back on your next road trip.

Here is their website where you can find out more and get a few samples – Royksopp

Here is the “Happy Up Here” video…..if you can watch it without going cross-eyed

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