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Spicy Meatballs!

Last night at the free concert in Snowmass I came across a group of friends who had decided to cook up some food and watch the concert, pot-luck style. My friend Al took home top pot-luck honors with his spicy meatballs. I thought they had to be some secret family recipe he had fired up, but he revealed that the recipe was found online at The secret ingredient in these suckers…….grape jelly!

If you like meatballs and a little bit of spice I seriously suggest you check out this recipe:

Super Bowl Grape Jelly Meatballs

2 lb. hamburger
1 c. bread crumbs
Minced onion or chopped onion to taste
1/2 c. milk
2 eggs
2 tbsp. parsley flakes
2 tsp. salt
1 tsp. pepper
1 tsp. Worcestershire sauce
Mix ingredients together and make small meatballs. Brown and bake at 350 degrees for 35 minutes.
1 (12 oz.) bottle chili sauce
1 (16 oz.) jar grape jelly
Combine and bring to a boil. Spread over meatballs. Cook meatballs and boiled sauce in crock pot for 2 to 3 hours.
The link to the full post on can be found here: Spicy Meatballs!
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My Love Affair With Northwave Bike Shoes (& Paola Pezzo): 12 Years and 2 Pairs Later…

Maybe it’s because i’m half Italian, but it seems like I have a penchant for Italian products. Whether we are talking about cars, fashion or food, Italians know a little something about style and flavor. Although not too Italian sounding, Northwave is a prime example of a high quality and oh so stylish Italian company.


Most people do not fret too much over the purchase of bike shoes, worrying more about the key components of their bikes instead. However, just like ski boots that connect the skier to the ski, bike shoes connect the biker to the bike so the purchase of shoes shouldn’t be taken too lightly. Although fellow Italian company Sidi seems to dominate the bike shoe world, I have chosen another, smaller Italian company to obsess about.

My obsession started back in the mid 90s when I was an aspiring young mountain bike racer. Back then the competitive side of mountain biking was very small, making it easy to rub elbows with the pros. One pro in particular, Paolo Pezzo caught my attention and after she signed my race number at the NORBA championships at Mt. Snow in 1995; I was smitten. A year later she took home the Gold medal in the first ever mountain bike event at the Atlanta summer olympics. She did so in controversial style, taking heat from officials and the public alike for unzipping her jersey a little too much. As you can see in the picture below, her outfit and unzipping of the jersey are very tasteful in my opinion. Many young men had baywatch posters on their walls in the mid 90s but I had Paola with her unzipped jersey in all her Gold medal glory.


Other than her great outfit that day, I noticed her bold red, white and green shoes and knew I had to have them. It took awhile to track them down stateside and I had to settle on orange, but I was soon rocking some Northwaves just like Paola.

Flash forward12 years and what do you know, I still had the same orange Northwaves and they were still in one piece. Over those 12 years they had seen a lot of use and held up remarkably well. Even though they still worked, they looked a little worn and sad so they needed to be replaced. As a replacement I went right back to Northwave and went with their top of the line Aerlite S.B.S. shoes.

After a couple months in my new Northwaves, I am happy. Although I don’t remember what my first pair felt like when they were new, i’m pretty sure the latest generation of Northwaves maintain the same quality. The latest model boasts some fancy new features such as the rachet closure system that creates a nice snug fit. Although not everyone has a foot that will fit perfectly in a Northwave, I urge you to look at them as a replacement for your Sidis or other mass produced bike shoe. You will appreciate their Italian style and quality and who knows, your next pair might just last 12 years like mine did.


For more info about Northwave visit:

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Patrick Chewing

Last night while watching TV, I was reminded why this Snicker commercial is so awesome. There is not much to explain other than the fact that Patrick Ewing is the man and this Snickers ad campaign is mighty clever.  This commercial is so random and brilliant, its hard not to laugh. “Ooops!”

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Garage or Living Room?

In a collaboration between Architectural Digest and Maserati, architects and designers were encouraged to enter the Design Driven contest, a search for the “finest architectural garages”.

The contest had two categories, existing and concept garage. In the existing category, designers submitted examples of completed garages to be judged and in the concept category, architects submitted their designs of what they thought would be the ultimate garage on paper.

Personally, I like a nice utilitarian garage complete with a messy workbench and a lot of room for bikes and skis. The winners of this contest however, had different ideas of what the ultimate garage consisted of.

The winner of the existing category seemed to blur the line between garage and living room. Although, not really my style and not too practical, it is quite a stunning design and a very crisp and clean space to showcase ones car.


The winner, Holger Schubert, of Archisis from Los Angeles designed it ” with two main objectives in mind: to create a pure and restrained minimalist environment that allows one to focus on the car as a piece of art and to create the ultimate experience for the driver to arrive at home.”


The winner of the concept category also went outside of the box with his design. Chris Altman, a designer from Stubbs Muldrow Herin Architects out of South Carolina came up with the winning entry. This modern design features “floor carriages (which) rotate to different positions, allowing a driver to enter and exit the garage in an efficient manner while eliminating the need for backing the car out.” This garage was designed to focus all its energy on the car as is embodied in its reflection pool, which acts like a mirror to reflect the beauty of the cars that face the pool. I could definitely picture this garage being built in the same L.A. neighborhood as the existing garage winner.




To learn more about this contest and read about the winning entries, check out

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Apple Tablet Hitting Stores This Fall?


It is looking like all the rumors may be true. Apple is famous for its secretive nature surrounding new product releases and the anticipated Tablet style product has been no exception. With rumors swirling around for over a year, The Financial Times has given some credibility to previous rumors with an article announcing its expected release date for September.

They mention that a Tablet release could coincide with the release of new iPods as well as a new music initiative, code named “Cocktail” which aims to get consumers to buy whole albums instead of picking individual songs.

The Tablet will likely be an oversized iPod Touch, boasting a 10 inch diagonal touch screen. Rumors also suggest the Tablet style Apple will have Wi-Fi connectivity, a downloadable book marketplace, and an OS operating system similar to a notebook. This product from Apple would be a huge threat to the popular Kindle from Amazon and fit nicely between the iPhone and Macbook in Apples lineup. If many of these rumors are true, the Tablet from Apple would include all the functionality of the Kindle, while adding more features akin to a notebook. Add to all this the sleek and hip package that Apple will likely wrap it in and you have a winner. It will be interesting to see what price point they will choose but if it is competitive with the Kindle then watch out!

If these releases do happen before the next holiday season, it could be a very busy and profitable season for Apple.

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Google Latitude: Changing The Way We Interact

Photo From Mashable

Photo From Mashable

If you thought facebook and twitter were invasive and allowed people to “stalk” you, just wait till people catch on to Google Latitude.

Ever go out in your city or town and wonder where all your friends are hanging out that night? You could call them all and try to meet up or even send out a mass text. Some people even post where they are on Twitter or Facebook but who wants to search around to figure out where people are. Google Latitude is the answer to that.

Simply log In to Latitude on a computer or mobile device, set your location and a map will pop up, showing you where all your friends are around you. It works with your Gmail account, allowing selected people in your contact list to know your location and vice-versa if they so choose. Although this sounds very invasive, you can change your privacy settings to select how much info a person can see, whether it is just the city you are in or the exact address. Also, when you enter a new location, it over-writes your previous location so a person can not look at a log of all your movements.

Although still a relatively new service, I believe that this type of program has the potential to really change the way people interact, just as Facebook and Twitter have.

The use of cell phones, GPS and social media have enabled people to interact easier, more often and faster. Latitude is another extention of these previous avenues of communication, allowing people to know even more about you and your location, making social interaction even easier than before.

I know I will definitely be using this service. As a resident of a small town, I don’t think it will be that helpful here, but when I move back to a big city, I will be useful. I remember countless nights in NYC, sitting at a bar with friends wondering if anyone else we know was in the neighborhood. Now we can find out with a few clicks on our phones.

Some people may be turned off and view this as a major invasion of privacy, but I see this a positive thing, allowing enhanced social interaction. I am excited to see how this technology grows and see what the future holds for these location-aware mobile apps.

To check it out visit their website at:

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Olathe Corn Harvest – Get It While It Lasts!

To me, nothing says summer like corn on the cob, a hot dog and cold American beer. However, to those who know their corn out here in Colorado, not just any corn will do this time of the year. Olathe corn has become famous in this state and for good reason.

For those of you who don’t know about Olathe Corn, you need to try some in the coming weeks, but you better hurry because this corn harvest doesn’t last long.

Olathe Corn is harvested in Olathe, Colorado and is prized for its sweet taste, which is attributed to the rapid change in temperature from the hot days to the cool nights.


A festival is set for August 1st to celebrate this wonderful corn. Complete with a performance by country singer Clint Black and some fireworks, it looks like it will be a good time. For more info on the festival, check out their website:

Thanks to an article from TheDenverPost, This years harvest will produce 550,000 cases of corn, each containing 48 ears of corn which amounts to over 26 million ears of corn. Although that sounds like a lot, don’t expect the Olathe corn supply to last more than a week or two in your local grocery store.  Even if you don’t live in Colorado, you can get your hands on some of this corn, with stores as far away as Alaska slated to be carrying it.

Photo Credit The Denver Post

Photo Credit The Denver Post

Look for this corn in a store near you in the coming weeks, round up some friends and have a BBQ.

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Peter Lik Photography


As an amateur photographer and outdoor enthusiast, I love a great landscape shot. How many times do you see a beautiful sunrise or a unique set of clouds and wish you could capture the moment? I know I do quite often. Although there are tons of talented landscape photographers out there, Peter Lik is one who surely stands out.

Living in Aspen, I am lucky enough to have access to one of his gallery locations here in town so I have seen many of his works up close. Because of his unique photos I highly recommend seeing them in person as pictures on the web will do them no justice.

When you see a print of his you immediately think there is a light eminating from behind the image or that it has been heavily photo shopped. Both of these statements are false. Lik uses a unique approach to processing and printing his 35mm images using special paper to create a saturated and illuminated effect that makes the print look back-lit.

The other thing worth noting is his ability to market the Peter Lik brand. All of his galleries have a uniform design to them that use a lot of natural woods and elements that take you closer to nature. The absence of white walls and the rustic feel of the gallery brings the viewer closer to the image. Even his choice of frames are unique, rugged and matched to the specific image.

The images don’t come cheap however, but if you have the money to spend, his pieces would be a nice addition to any collection. I myself only posses his calendar, but hey it’s a start!

Find out more on his website:




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How Many Prancing Horses Can Fit In a SoCal Parking Lot?

The Answer is 22.

For as long as I can remember I have been a fan of Ferrari. What started out as a childhood obsession with matchbox cars and Testarossa Trapper Keepers, has grown into an adult obsession much the same, just without the toys.

Over the years Ferrari has stayed true to their passion of making quality sports cars that are sexy and exclusive. I continue to be impressed with every new model and the 430 Scuderia is no exception. Named after the Ferrari racing program, The Scuderia packs an additional 20hp over the 430 while also shedding 220lbs. The performance is vastly improved, lowering the 0-60 time from 4 seconds to just 3.6 seconds.

Styling is also improved, giving it a racy feel over the 430.

Thanks to the tip from AutoBlog we can drool over a parking lot full of them in Southern California. Not a bad looking lot filled with over $5 million worth of shiny new Scuderia’s.





I will take the red one please!

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Birdwell Beach Britches


My first retail job experience came in 2002 when I worked at the Haul Over, a small surf shop in Nantucket. Although I spent most of my time on the beach and not working, I did take something away from the experience; Birdwell Beach Britches. These board shorts are the real deal. They aren’t trendy or flashy, just well made, simple and functional. They have been making them since 1961 so its safe to say these things are classic. Although they come in a few colors with different inseam options, you can’t go wrong. If you really want to kick it old school, spring for the “Short Basic” style with the rather short 14in outseam if you are confident showing a little thigh.

Another great thing about this company; their website. Talk about old school, its super basic and oh so out-dated but gets the job done. See you at the beach, brah!



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