After owning my iphone 3G for a solid 9 months now, I am still amazed by how much it can do. After the big switch from Verizon and my BlackBerry, I would say that the iphone is worth it in every way (except typing long emails).

Ever since I bought it, I have paid extra attention to the iphone commercials that show a person using different apps. After every new commercial I always check out the apps that were featured and usually end up with at least one of the apps on my phone. Pretty smart ad campaign in my mind. Other than the commercials or looking at the top 25 downloaded list, I usually check friend’s iphones and see if they have something new and exciting on theirs.

Although there are some great apps out there for a fee, I prefer to peruse the free bin and find the apps that do a lot, but don’t cost a thing. Although there are thousands out there, I find myself using the same apps over and over. Here is my humble list of the top 15 free iphone apps……

1) Facebook

Pretty self explanatory here. If you are a facebook user, you may as well see what your friends are doing while you are on the go. Not as many search options as the real deal but its all you need on your phone.


2) Pandora

I began using Pandora before I got my phone and put simply – it’s amazing. Definitely the best online streaming music site, it allows you to create personalized music stations. I have discovered countless new bands because of this site. The iphone app is just the same, simple and easy to use. It’s a nice change from my predictable playlists and you can listen to it anytime you are getting 3G so for me I can even listen while I’m on a hike or bike ride.


3) Sportacular

In my view, the best sports score app. It’s simple, fast and displays all the info you need to get quick scores and stats.


4) The Weather Channel

I’m a frequent weather checker so this app from The Weather Channel allows me to check detailed local forecasts as well as the 10 day and all relevant radar maps. Allows you to save locations for quick reference.


5) USA Today

I’m pretty sure the only time I’ve read an actual USA Today was a free copy in the lobby of a hotel. However, for quick and updated news, I like this app. The most popular news app is the New York Times app but the USA Today app does the job for me.


6) Urbanspoon

This app download was in response to one of Apples clever commercials I mentioned earlier. Urbanspoon is a restaurant locator with a fun twist. If you don’t know what you want, choose your city, shake your iphone and it will give you random suggestions. You can also narrow down searches in terms of fare and price.


7) Wikipanion

Sure you can just open up your Safari browser and go to Wikipedia, but this app makes it easy to search Wikipedia in a more accessible and smart layout. Trying to prove a friend wrong about when MC Hammer’s first single came out? The Wikipanion will tell ya….


8)Google Mobile

Forget punching your search terms into the keyboard, this nifty app from Google is voice activated. Simply click on the microphone, speak your search terms and boom it searches. I’m impressed with how well it picks up your words.


9) Bloomberg

For Business news and stock quotes, you can’t go wrong with Bloomberg. Easy to read charts and all the financial info you need to keep track of the markets.


10) Shazam

Yet another app that lured me in with a cameo on an Apple commercial. Do you ever find yourself hearing a song at a bar and wishing you knew who sang it? With Shazam, all you have to do is hold your iphone up to the music and it tells you what it is……you can even purchase it on itunes right then and there.


11) Save Benjis

Every savvy shopper should have this app. Instead of assuming you are getting the best price on an item, this app lets you plug in a product number and shows you where you can actually find the best price.


12) TweetDeck

Although there are a bunch of free Twitter apps, I have found this one to be pretty straightforward and handy.


13) Skype

If you have a Skype account, this app allows you to make free calls via a Wi-Fi connection to other Skype users. Not a bad way to save those precious minutes.


14) Taxi Magic

If you are lucky enough to live in 1 of 25 cities this app works in, you will be able to hail a Taxi with just one click of your iphone. Don’t worry; if you aren’t in one of those cities you can still call a cab from their list.


15) AroundMe

Need to find a Bank or Hospital around you? AroundMe uses your location to find the closest one. Pretty simple and solid.


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