To me, nothing says summer like corn on the cob, a hot dog and cold American beer. However, to those who know their corn out here in Colorado, not just any corn will do this time of the year. Olathe corn has become famous in this state and for good reason.

For those of you who don’t know about Olathe Corn, you need to try some in the coming weeks, but you better hurry because this corn harvest doesn’t last long.

Olathe Corn is harvested in Olathe, Colorado and is prized for its sweet taste, which is attributed to the rapid change in temperature from the hot days to the cool nights.


A festival is set for August 1st to celebrate this wonderful corn. Complete with a performance by country singer Clint Black and some fireworks, it looks like it will be a good time. For more info on the festival, check out their website:

Thanks to an article from TheDenverPost, This years harvest will produce 550,000 cases of corn, each containing 48 ears of corn which amounts to over 26 million ears of corn. Although that sounds like a lot, don’t expect the Olathe corn supply to last more than a week or two in your local grocery store.  Even if you don’t live in Colorado, you can get your hands on some of this corn, with stores as far away as Alaska slated to be carrying it.

Photo Credit The Denver Post

Photo Credit The Denver Post

Look for this corn in a store near you in the coming weeks, round up some friends and have a BBQ.

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