In a collaboration between Architectural Digest and Maserati, architects and designers were encouraged to enter the Design Driven contest, a search for the “finest architectural garages”.

The contest had two categories, existing and concept garage. In the existing category, designers submitted examples of completed garages to be judged and in the concept category, architects submitted their designs of what they thought would be the ultimate garage on paper.

Personally, I like a nice utilitarian garage complete with a messy workbench and a lot of room for bikes and skis. The winners of this contest however, had different ideas of what the ultimate garage consisted of.

The winner of the existing category seemed to blur the line between garage and living room. Although, not really my style and not too practical, it is quite a stunning design and a very crisp and clean space to showcase ones car.


The winner, Holger Schubert, of Archisis from Los Angeles designed it ” with two main objectives in mind: to create a pure and restrained minimalist environment that allows one to focus on the car as a piece of art and to create the ultimate experience for the driver to arrive at home.”


The winner of the concept category also went outside of the box with his design. Chris Altman, a designer from Stubbs Muldrow Herin Architects out of South Carolina came up with the winning entry. This modern design features “floor carriages (which) rotate to different positions, allowing a driver to enter and exit the garage in an efficient manner while eliminating the need for backing the car out.” This garage was designed to focus all its energy on the car as is embodied in its reflection pool, which acts like a mirror to reflect the beauty of the cars that face the pool. I could definitely picture this garage being built in the same L.A. neighborhood as the existing garage winner.




To learn more about this contest and read about the winning entries, check out

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