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LIVESTRONG: Bikes With A Mission

I recently saw a Twitter post from Lance Armstrong @lancearmstrong about his partnership with Trek, Nike and his Livestrong foundation for Stages, a bike art collaboration to benefit his foundation. Combine great bikes, world class artists and a great cause and you have another great example of the good work being done by Lance and the Livestrong Project. The public will be able to bid on these one of a kind bikes this fall. How much do you think these works of art will bring in for the foundation?


Here is a description of the project from their Website :

What is Stages?

Trek is proud to support STAGES, a celebration of human potential, inspired by Lance and dedicated to the fight against cancer. Trek, The Lance Armstrong Foundation, Nike, and the most influential artists of a generation have teamed up to produce a unique collection of bicycles and art without peer.

The Exhibition opens at the Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin in Paris before traveling to the United States this fall. All work is available for purchase with proceeds directly benefiting the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

The Collaboration

Trek has a rich tradition of partnering with Lance Armstrong to outfit him with custom-painted bikes, starting with the “Sabreline” Project One bike Lance briefly rode during the 2002 Tour de France. For the rest of his career — and even after retirement — Lance has more or less ridden Project One painted bikes. That’s why after he announced his intention to return to professional cycling in 2009, it was natural for Trek’s Creative Group to begin working on a new set of custom-painted bikes for Lance. During a conversation with Trek’s President John Burke, Lance discussed the importance of the LIVESTRONG Global Cancer Campaign and his desire to link the best Contemporary Artists working today with Trek in an effort to raise awareness and generate funds to benefit LIVESTRONG.

Trek responded by providing each selected artist with consultation to describe fabrication possibilities based on Trek’s custom-formulated coatings. The artists were briefed on traditional paint and airbrush techniques as well as masking and decal options in order to pick the methods best suited for each design. Each Bicycle was uniquely handled — some frames were decorated strictly with paint, some required extensive decal work, while others hybridized production techniques and pushed the envelope of aesthetic possibility on a bicycle.

The end results speak for themselves — beautiful bikes with a mission.

To learn more visit:



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Nike Air Max 1 Premium Tier Zero – Patta


The Nike Air Max 1’s are by far my favorite sneakers ever made. Thankfully, Nike continues to collaborate with various companies to keep these classic kicks on my feet. Although sometimes hard to find and often with hefty price tags, I manage to find various styles of these classic Nikes year in and year out. The latest Air Max 1 release comes from a popular boutique in Amsterdam called Patta. Unlike so many of the releases which are noisy and too colorful for my taste, I love the whites and touch of green on these. The release is slated for the Holiday season 2009. Don’t get too excited about them though, Hypebeast reports that there are only 3 pairs rumored to exist. Samples are going for upwards of $1,800 on ebay right now….




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TREW Gear: “Why Can’t Technical Outerwear Look Rad?”


Although It is only July, Its not too early to plug a great new Ski and Snowboard outerwear company. Trew, is a new company started by two brothers and a life long friend of theirs who are looking to take outerwear to the next level. Based out of Hood River, Oregon, they have created a line based on the fundamental question: “Why can’t technical outerwear look rad?”

Their goal is to design “outerwear that combines the technology of mountaineering shells with the comfort necessary for a full day on the mountain”. In short, they are making great looking, comfortable outerwear that can compete with the likes of Patagonia and Arc’Teryx in a younger and hipper package.

What sets Trew apart from the rest of the outerwear scene are their colors and their logo. For their first season, they did not start with a tame color pallet but turned the volume up high with purples, oranges and teals. They offer a ton of different color combos so whether you want a straight black suit or blue top with purple bottom, you can mix and match their jackets and pants to find a style the suits you.

Their logo is the other thing that is turning heads. A simple thumbs up is easy to recognize and promotes a positive vibe. I have had dozens of people stop me in my Trew gear to comment on the logo, from park rats to grandmas, it seems like it is a hit with all.

Talking about their logo, if you lived in a ski town this season and have not seen their logo or their huge RV around town, you must have been sleeping. The Trew crew went on a season long RV tour across the west last season to promote their 09/10 line. With a trailer full of hoodies, hats and other schwag, they hit the streets to promote grassroots style. From what I have seen and heard it was a great success. Here in Aspen, I see Trew gear on locals every day, and their official line hasn’t even hit the store yet!


So check out their 09/10 line now so you can be one of the first on your mountain next season to rock some Trew gear.


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Another Great Audi That Won’t be Coming to The U.S.

It is well known that the European and U.S. auto markets differ. Europeans love their compact and efficient cars whereas we seem to prefer larger and less efficient vehicles. With this in mind, it is no surprise that European auto makers withhold some models from the U.S. market due to the fact that they won’t appeal to U.S. consumers.

However, every once in a while, an automaker unveils a new model amidst a lot of excitement from Americans, only for it to be pulled from the their U.S. line-up. The Audi Allroad is an example of a great car that I wish was still being sold in the U.S., but has been absent since 2005. Audi seems to think that U.S. consumers prefer SUVs and cross-overs instead of good old fashion wagons. This may be true, but I still love wagons and wish there were more wagon models for sale in the U.S. market.

The latest disappointment for me comes from Audi once again. I love Audi and I think they are heading in a great direction, and the A/S5 line is no exception. I frequently stare at my neighbors S5 in his driveway and love the lines on it. Its no surprise that Audi is expanding the A5 line, but it is surprising that their latest, the A5 Sportback, will not be coming stateside. It is a slick 4 door version of the A5 with a hatchback like rear that seems like it would fit well in the cross-over type market that is popular in the U.S.

To read more about this great new Audi we will never see, check out the write-up on AutoBlog



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Classic Kicks

I must admit, i’m a sucker for a good pair of sneakers. Having lived in NYC for years, I have seen my fair share of kicks, but Nikes have always held a special place in my heart. Now that I live away from the sneaker shops I used to frequent, I have to buy them online. Although not as fun as shopping in person, a few sites I have found have great selections.


Here are a few of my favorite places to find some good kicks online:

Shopping Sites: – My favorite to visit in person, you can also order online. Their stock constantly changes but this is the place to find those hard to find Nikes. – Not just Nikes, this site has a big selection of Pumas, Reeboks and more…. – Huge selection of Nikes and more. What I love about this site is that it shows all models and styles, even though most are not in stock….. yeah its a big tease, but its also nice to know what styles have previously been offered (and might pop up again!)

News/Blogs: – Although you can’t buy shoes on the site, it is a great sneaker blog that gives updates on all the new releases etc…


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My Top 15 Free iPhone Apps

After owning my iphone 3G for a solid 9 months now, I am still amazed by how much it can do. After the big switch from Verizon and my BlackBerry, I would say that the iphone is worth it in every way (except typing long emails).

Ever since I bought it, I have paid extra attention to the iphone commercials that show a person using different apps. After every new commercial I always check out the apps that were featured and usually end up with at least one of the apps on my phone. Pretty smart ad campaign in my mind. Other than the commercials or looking at the top 25 downloaded list, I usually check friend’s iphones and see if they have something new and exciting on theirs.

Although there are some great apps out there for a fee, I prefer to peruse the free bin and find the apps that do a lot, but don’t cost a thing. Although there are thousands out there, I find myself using the same apps over and over. Here is my humble list of the top 15 free iphone apps……

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