If you are a gear nerd like I am, then you probably already know about discount sites like steepandcheap.com. These sites sell overstock items from larger parent companies like Backcountry.com in this case, offering buyers one item at a time in limited quantities. This format results in a lot of impulse buying. The discounts are often so high that you end up buying gear that you don’t need, but seems too good to pass up. Since the launch of Steepandcheap.com, many other sites have popped up that are more specialized like chainlove.com, just for bike deals. Most of these sites still call Backcountry.com their owner, but other immitators have popped up along the way as well.

Although I love these types of sites, I don’t have the time to constantly check them all for deals that I may be interested in. Most offer email alerts or a desktop widget to alert you when each new deal is up, but for the most part, I am never interested in the products they have on special. For me i’m interested in certain ski gear and outerwear from companies like Volkl, Patagonia and Arc’Teryx, but every time I check out steepandcheap.com or tramdock.com, products like womens tank tops or beer bottle opening flip flops are featured. I seem to always miss the deals that I would have actually acted on and I don’t want to receive 20 emails a day alerting me about these unappealing deals.

To solve this gear delemma, two guys out of San Francisco have come up with a new website to make sure you don’t miss the good deals. Gearburger.com is a simple and easy to use website that alerts you when the gear you want goes on sale. The sign-up process is super simple, just requiring an email and a timeframe for when you want to receive the alerts. Then you can choose which products or companies you wish to be alerted about and boom you are done. Gear Burger will then send you emails with links to deals based on your custom selections of companies and products you are interested in. Gear Burger will filter out the bad and irrelevant deals and alert you about the deals relevant to your tastes and interests. You also can’t help but love their mascot…..what is that thing? Looks like a fat cow, mixed with a horse.

Not 15 minutes after I signed up for alerts from 10 selected companies, did I get my first email alert. It informed me that some Rossignol Axial2 150 ski bindings were on sale at Tramdock.com for $179 or 41% off. This is exactly the alert a gear whore like me needs to know about. I had checked off Rossignol on my list of companies to alert me about, and Gearburger.com delivered with a great deal on some burly bindings.

This straight forward and super helpful site is a must for gear nerds and gear whores across the outdoor universe. Don’t miss out on another deal, sign up free for your customized alerts at Gearburger.com.

As a nice bonus the guys over at Gear Burger will send you some free stickers if you shoot them an email at info@gearburger.com – tell them Mike sent ya!

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