Do you have $599 and a free month starting September 8th? If so why not pack your bags for the month and take advantage of Jet Blues latest and greatest offer.

For $599 you can fly to and from any of Jet Blues 50+ locations, as much as you want. Their “All You Can Jet” package is $599 including all taxes and fees and can be used to fly on any open flight from September 8th through October 8th. Tickets for each leg of your journey must be purchased 3 days prior to your travel date, but other than that there are no restrictions other than the fact that you must purchase the pass before August 21st.  If you wanted to jet out of the country then taxes and fees would be added on, but it still is not a bad deal.  This deal is just another one of the countless travel deals in this sluggish economy aimed at increasing travel numbers.  I would say Jet Blue did a great job thinking of this one and I hope some lucky people take advantage of it.  Seriously, if you have that month off, start calling your friends in different cities and start reserving some couch space.

I sure can’t take that month off to travel, but if you are in between jobs and always wanted to jet set around the country, now is your time.

For more information visit the All You Can Jet page on the JetBlue website.

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