We’ve all struggled with finding an apartment or house rental at some point. My first apartment hunt in New York City was brutal. Every time I would find a seemingly great place on Craigslist, I would go to look at it in person, only to find out that it was actually a closet in a horrible location. Although apartment hunting is still tough, there are new services and sites that aim at lessening the pain of your search.

As I am planning my next move, I have been starting to scour craigslist to search for apartments. Craigslist is great but once you click on an ad, you usually have to open up google maps in another window to figure out where the apartment is located., makes life a little easier. lets you search for apartments by area, showing you available places on the map. Simply scroll over the available apartment, and a bubble pops up giving you information about price, # of bedrooms etc… You can then click on the bubble to get more details and pictures as well as how to contact the landlord. This visual approach to online apartment hunting takes the guesswork out of craigslist ads and allows you to pinpoint very specific neighborhoods or blocks that you want to look at. Not only is this a site for rentals, you can search “for sale” listings on the site as well. The website is clean and easy to use and the maps are straightforward and crisp.

To check it out for yourselves, go to

Thanks to Will for the tip!

A Screenshot of a my 3 Bedroom Apt Search in San Francisco

A Screenshot of a my 3 Bedroom Apt Search in San Francisco

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