Last summer, I made an impulse buy…..I bought a cheap, used scooter out of the classifieds in the Aspen Times. Looking back, it was probably one the best purchases I have ever made. Yes, I have a truck and 2 bikes to get me around but a scooter is the ultimate short distance commuter. Sure I may look like a nerd zipping around on it but it gets almost 100 MPG, cruises to around 40 MPH, can be parked anywhere and I don’t need a motorcycle license or insurance to drive it.

With the cost of gas these days and the congestion problem that is affecting many of our cities, I expect scooters to rise in popularity here in the U.S. We might not get quite as scooter crazy as Europe or Asia, but if you live in a small town or a city, a scooter may be the answer to your commuting problems.


Here she is...my 200? Qianjang 49cc

Although I love my beat up old Qianjang 49cc, the gas gauge is broken, the kick start doesn’t work, the blinkers are shot and it has some body damage. On top of that, the ol’ Qianjang hates to start up in the morning and sometimes runs out of gas without warning. As a replacement down the road, there is one very clear choice; the Honda Ruckus.

Most Scooters are not too masculine but the Ruckus is a bare-bones, beefy little 49cc scooter that you won’t feel too embarrassed to be on. Forget all the cheap plastic and cheesy styling, the Ruckus is solid and utilitarian. It still has the small 49cc engine, giving you great gas mileage while allowing you to drive it without a motorcycle license or insurance.  Add to that a 4 stroke engine which is liquid cooled and you have a great little package.  This small engine is still powerful enough to get you around town at 40 mph+ and its built by Honda so you know its gonna last. The Ruckus has gained so much popularity that it was voted as the #1 scooter out of 110 models in 2009 by Motorcycle.com.  Best of all, the price tag is not nearly as high as most of its competition.  Don’t waste $3,200+ on a 50cc Vespa when you can get the Ruckus for $2,149 MSRP.

To find out more about this little urban machine check out the Honda Powersports Website

On a final note, it looks like the celebrity crowd is down with Ruckus as well……here is Shia Labeouf crusin around on one in July….

Courtesy of Celebrity Cars Blog

Courtesy of Celebrity Cars Blog

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