Discovering new music is always exciting.  Discovering new music with a few thousand people at an outdoor amphitheater in beautiful Colorado is even better.

This past weekend, I had my first Red Rocks experience and I can now say that it is indeed a very special venue.  This weekend was the annual Monolith Festival which featured over 75 acts spread out over 2 days.  Although it rained quite a bit during the first day, the great acts made it easy to enjoy the rainy weather.  There were a number of headlining groups who I had heard of before, but there were also dozens of new bands that I got to listen to for the first time.  I could talk about the bigger names who played like Chromeo (my all time favorite), Phoenix, The Mars Volta, Ok Go, Of Montreal, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, but I figured I would talk about a few of the smaller groups who impressed me. For your Monday listening pleasure, I share with you Passion Pit, Woodhands and The Walkmen.

Passion Pit is a new electronica band out of Cambridge, MA who formed in late 2007 after the lead singer Michael Angelakos got a band together to write his girlfriend a song for valentines day.  Their energy and upbeat sound was awesome live so I encourage you all to take a listen.  This band has jumped right up the list of my favorites after their show.

Woodhands is another indie electronica band who put on a great show.  They are based out of Toronto, Canada and are also new to the music scene, having formed in 2007.

The Walkmen came out on Saturday when the rain was coming down the hardest, but that didn’t takeaway from their great sound and energy.  This indie rock band calls New York and Philly their home and formed back in 2000 after attending school together down in D.C.  Turns out they played at my college back in 2006 but I didn’t catch them then.  I had to wait 3 years later to discover them but i’m happy I did.

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