Every once in a while you hear of someone embarking on a round the world adventure. Many have done it in a car or truck, but i’m pretty sure that Roy Locock will be the first to drive across the world in a 1977 MG Midget 1500. Roy is a retired software company founder from England who restored a ‘77 Midget (named Bridget) and decided that he needed to take a very long road trip. Although he is driving solo and has no mechanical knowledge, his year+ journey has been a great success so far. On top of the adventure he is experiencing, he is doing it for a good cause, raising money for UNICEF.


Roy and Bridget started their journey on June 22, 2008 from just outside London and as of today September 15, 2009, they are on their last leg in Canada, somewhere around Ottawa. It’s hard enough to imagine driving in any vehicle for over a year, but the fact that this guy is doing it in a small and quirky British sports car makes this story that much better.

As far as what he brought with him…..not a whole lot because as you can imagine, there is not a ton of trunk space. Talk about packing light for a year+ long trip…..here is what he said about his challenge before leaving:

Bridget has just 3.5″ ground clearance under her engine sump. She has enough fuel to drive a maximum of 450 miles, this includes two 20 litre jerry cans. I have a compass and will purchase a map when I enter the the different countries, I have also secured 5 days emergency rations should I need to abandon Bridget somewhere in the middle of the wilderness. The only other thing I need is a good psychiatrist.

So hats off to Roy and Bridget who seem to be nearing the end of their incredible journey. Although most people retire and want to relax on the beach or golf all day, Roy has shown that retirement doesn’t have to be boring. We also have to give some kudos to Bridget the Midget who seems to be holding up quite well for a 32 year old sports car! You can read about the adventures of Roy and Bridget on his website which he has been updating from the road; http://bridgetthemidget.co.uk.


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