The last time I talked about Colorado produce on here was when I was gearing up for the Olathe Corn Festival. That Festival turned out to be a huge success and the trip was definitely a Colorado highlight for me. In addition to Olathe Corn, Colorado is also well known for other forms of produce, many of which have their own festivals as well.

Another one of these festivals is the Palisade Peach Festival which features the famed Palisade Peach. These peaches are grown in Palisade, Colorado, a small farming town like Olathe in Western Colorado. Although I missed this festival back in the middle of August, I have been enjoying the fruits of their harvest this summer, literally. Palisade peach season usually goes through the middle of September so this week may be your last chance to sample this tasty fruit.

Although any ol’ Palisade Peach will do, I have taken to the High Country Orchards variety. According to their website, peaches can stay fresh for 2-3 weeks if refrigerated so head to your local farmers market, fruit stand or grocery store and stock up before they disappear until next summer.


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