mint_whiteWhether you are hopeless with your finances or you just want to keep your life more organized, then you should check out this very helpful site. is a free personal finance site that allows you to track your spending and investments, making it easy to set goals and budgets.

Once you sign up for free, you enter in all your financial information including bank info, credit card info, mortgages, investments, loans and property. Although it is always scary giving up such personal information, the site is secure. Once it loads all of your financial info, it gives you your net worth and shows you your financial overview including where you spend your money. If you have multiple credit cards or bank accounts it is helpful to see all your financials together. The budget category is helpful as it shows how much money you spend on different things like gas or food with convenient charts and graphs.  You can set different amounts for each budget category so that you can follow whether you stay within your budgets or not.

Along with providing the free software for you to analyze and look at all your financial data, also offers info and tips on how you can save money and get better rates according to your financials.  You can even apply for new credit cards or bank accounts online through the site.

Whether you are looking to get out of debt or simply wish to have a better look at how all your finances look together, sign up for a free account at and get a better grasp on your finances.

For a visual look, check out this video from CEO Aaron Patzer.  Oh and if you haven’t read about it yet, the site was recently bought for $170 Million by Intuit, so you know they are doing something right over there!

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