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Warriors Of Radness


Warriors of Radness is probably the most awesome name for a clothing line I have ever heard. The line is a little crazy but you can’t help but love the name, and for that reason I am posting them up here. The company drew their inspiration from the Southern California beach and surf scene in the 80s and although the gear is not surf wear, the themes on their trendy tees and clothing definitely bring you back to the Jeff Spicoli days of the 80s.

Although I am not a fan of $36 tee shirts or $80 sweatshirts, their colors and logos are….well….pretty rad. They might have gone a little overboard with their $138 stone washed jeans which look like they belong on the set of “Saved By The Bell”, but the line does give out a distinct 80s surf vibe, which is what they are trying to achieve.

Check out their fall 2009 line at:



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A Must See Band: Filligar’s “Stray Dogs Tour” Kicks Off Tomorrow

n8790225966_9002If you haven’t heard the fresh new sounds of Filligar, then you ought to check them out. Starting tomorrow September 2nd, they are hitting the road on a 60 day tour to showcase their latest sounds. Over those 60 days they are putting on 25 shows and covering 6,288 miles.

Filligar is a 4 member band which consists of 3 brothers and 1 friend who all grew up together in the Chicago area. After playing music together as kids, they formed Filligar in 2000 and then went their separate ways to college on the East Coast (the 3 brothers to Dartmouth and the other to Hamilton). While at their respective Universities, they managed to come out with a few killer albums starting with their self titled album in 2005 and their second a year later in 2006, titled “Succession, I guess”. Their music seems to keep progressing with each new album and each passing year. In 2007 they released “The City Tree” and in 2008 they came out with “Near or Far”.

Most bands struggle to come up with an album every few years, but Filligar has managed to do so while being full time students.  Its hard enough to concentrate on school with all the girls and distractions that come with college, but Filligar has managed to juggle them all while putting out an album per year.  Any old college band can play at frat parties and school functions, but these kids are no run of the mill college group.  Not only have they produced a lot of new tracks throughout their college years, but they have managed to keep it unique and fresh.  I’m not always a fan of all the new rock and pop that keeps coming out, but Filligar offers a refreshing sound in a sea of generic and repetitive new bands.

Each of their albums have a unique sound while keeping true to their indie-rock/pop vibe. Its hard to pick a favorite for me as they all have tracks that invoke different moods. Some of their tunes are soulful and slow while others are upbeat and poppy. Their sound reminds me a little of Wilco and coincidently, they list their musical influences as Wilco, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Band, Sufjan Stevens, Radiohead, Pink Floyd and Air.  No matter what your music tastes are though, I suggest you give them a listen.

This year they have started to make a real name for themselves with slots on MTV, VH1 and a bunch of press.  I encourage you all to sample some of their music and if they are heading to a city or town near you in the coming months, buy a ticket and check them out.  Look for these guys to keep climbing the charts and winning fans as they continue to grow.

Here are the dates and locations for their Stray Dogs Tour:

Sep 02 Cambridge, MA
Sep 03 NYC
Sep 05 Terre Haute, IN
Sep 09 Los Angeles (Atlantic Records Showcase)
Sep 15 Apple Store (Woodfield, IL)
Sep 16 Chicago (w/Pomegranates)
Sep 17 Minneapolis, MN
Sep 18 Milwaukee, WI
Sep 19 Madison (w/ Antlers, Pomegranates)
Sep 22 Hamilton College
Sep 24 Cornell University
Sep 25 Middlebury College
Sep 26 Dartmouth College
Sep 28 Providence, RI
Sep 30 Philadelphia, PA
Oct 01 Dewey Beach Festival, DE
Oct 05 Washington, DC
Oct 07 St. Louis, MO
Oct 09 Memphis, TN
Oct 10 University of the South
Oct 11 Chattanooga, TN
Oct 12 Atlanta, GA
Oct 14 Charlotte, NC
Oct 15 Wilmington, NC
Oct 16 Duke University
Oct 23 NYC (CMJ Festival)

For more information about Filligar go to their official site at or check them out on Facebook, Twitter or MySpace

For a free mixtape from he Stray Dogs Tour download it at:

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