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New Single By Chromeo – “Night By Night”!


For those of you who know me, you probably know that I’ve been a big Chromeo fansince I started listening to them in College.  Well as we gear up for the Halloween weekend, I figured I would share the latest single from Chromeo for you to add to your Halloween party beats.  This is their first new beat since 2007 and I can’t stop listening to it.  Looks like the full album should drop in the springbut this is a nice teaser for you to enjoy in the mean time.  Enjoy the free download at:

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Brooklyn Slate Company

As we near the holiday season, unique and functional new gift ideas are always welcome.  The Brooklyn Slate Company is a new venture out of Brooklyn, NY that is offering unique slate products which come from a family owned New York quarry.  Not only are they unique and super cool looking, they are very reasonably priced and one of the founders is a fellow Hamilton grad.  Currently, they are offering slate cheese boards, sushi boards, coasters, trivets and serving trays.  Prices range from the $10 trivet up to the $24 serving tray.  The slate products are all dishwasher safe, non-porous and food safe so not only will your guests be impressed by their natural stone looks, they are easy to clean and you won’t have to worry about fungus or mold getting into them.  They are packaged up with burlap bags and hand made envelopes and if you order before December 15th you can get free shipping and a personalized message.  If you know someone who likes to cook and entertain or just appreciates functional, unique items then add some slate to your holiday shopping list, or just get some for yourself at



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Automatic Hammer = Awesome!

craftsman-hammerheadAlthough I don’t technically own any tools right now (other than a bike multi tool), this new automatic hammer from Craftsman looks like a great gadget to add to your tool box.  If you have ever had to hammer nails in a tight space, this auto hammer would be the answer.  Although pros may have a nail gun, this more user friendly adaption is the first of its kind and aims to make life easier for the DIY guy or gal.  At $99 its not cheap but the reviews look pretty positive and if you are someone who has a tool for every job, then why not.

To get your Craftsman NEXTEC 12V Auto Hammer, head on over to Sears.

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Powermat: A New Way To Charge Your Gadgets


In today’s tech fueled world, we seem to be adding new gadgets to our lives on a weekly basis. However, with every new gadget comes a new power cord. If you are like me, your power cords have become a tangled mess in an old shoe box that is begging for a solution. When traveling, you are bound to forget at least one of the cords and when it comes to charging them all at home, they take up all the outlets and often look messy and ugly. With wireless technology improving, The Powermat may be the solution you are seeking. The Powermat, which I saw on a Best Buy commercial, seems to be a pretty solid wireless charger that aims to make your gadget life a little less cluttered. It is not cheap but it’s a new technology so the price is bound to come down as competition comes to the market. At $99, it’s a little pricey especially if you have to buy additional receivers for your different gadgets, but the concept is great. Simply place your gadget (with receiver attached) on to the mat and charging will start. Also, the receivers can be kept on the gadgets so there is no hassle of taking the receiver on and off to charge it. Some of the receivers may be a little bulky so that could be an issue but it’s a new product so I’m sure they will improve over time.

If you are tired of lugging around multiple cords or tired of wires tripping you up, the Powermat could make your life a little easier. Even if there are some complaints about this product, it is still a great concept and I hope to see more wireless functionality with various products in the future.


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Goodbye Colorado, Hello California!

If any of you loyal followers have been wondering why I have been MIA the past couple weeks, I apologize but I have been very busy with my move! After living in beautiful Aspen, Colorado for 2 years, I now have a new home in San Francisco, California. Although I won’t be skiing over 100 days a year, I am excited for the change and the new opportunities that exist in this wonderful city. I will try to get back to a more regular blogging routine but for now I offer up some ski pictures I have taken over the past couple winter in Aspen. Aspen truly is a special place and I will be back there often – these pictures make me very nostalgic, but I am grateful to have made such great friends out there who I will have for the rest of my life. Here is to the wonderful sport of skiing and the next chapter in my life:










Record snowfall my first winter out there……can you find my truck in this picture…….


And a parting shot of yours truly…….I love powder!


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