In today’s tech fueled world, we seem to be adding new gadgets to our lives on a weekly basis. However, with every new gadget comes a new power cord. If you are like me, your power cords have become a tangled mess in an old shoe box that is begging for a solution. When traveling, you are bound to forget at least one of the cords and when it comes to charging them all at home, they take up all the outlets and often look messy and ugly. With wireless technology improving, The Powermat may be the solution you are seeking. The Powermat, which I saw on a Best Buy commercial, seems to be a pretty solid wireless charger that aims to make your gadget life a little less cluttered. It is not cheap but it’s a new technology so the price is bound to come down as competition comes to the market. At $99, it’s a little pricey especially if you have to buy additional receivers for your different gadgets, but the concept is great. Simply place your gadget (with receiver attached) on to the mat and charging will start. Also, the receivers can be kept on the gadgets so there is no hassle of taking the receiver on and off to charge it. Some of the receivers may be a little bulky so that could be an issue but it’s a new product so I’m sure they will improve over time.

If you are tired of lugging around multiple cords or tired of wires tripping you up, the Powermat could make your life a little easier. Even if there are some complaints about this product, it is still a great concept and I hope to see more wireless functionality with various products in the future.


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