After a short hiatus, I am back and I’ve got a hot new music blog to share with you all.  Five guys who go by the names of JackPitney, Master of The Untziverse, Lazersaurus Rex, Mr. Smooth and Smasher have started The Untzological Society……an elite society of funky beats that are sure to create a dance off at your next party.  They travel all across the Untziverse in search of the hottest beats, both old and new.  From the Ukraine to Japan and back to the summer of 1987, they talk about a wide variety of music, but with each post you are guaranteed to find a beat or two that will have you bobbing your head on the bus to work tomorrow.  Their concise and witty write-ups keep it lively and fun and the songs they post up are sure to keep your ipod chock full of fresh new beats.  Join the Untzological Society at

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