phpThumb_generated_thumbnailjpgBeing in the start-up world has exposed me to many new companies and ideas.  Everyday there are new companies forming to meet the needs of people and improve upon various methods and products.  Although I am usually scouring the latest tech start-ups, I have come across a new bottled water start-up based in New York City called WAT-AAH.  Not only is it super fun to say out loud, it is a company with a great mission.  WAT-AAH was formed to help reverse the dependency on sugary drinks among Americas children.  We all know that children like sweets, but we also know how bad they are for growing kids.  The rate of childhood obesidy in America is alarming and I applaud new companies like WAT-AAH, that are aimed at making it cool for kids to eat and stay healthy from an early age.  Although water seems pretty basic and there are dozens of bottled water companies out there, none of them appeal to kids.  WAT-AAH has combined some clever graphics and branding along with pure, non sodium or sugar filled water to appeal to parents and kids.  They offer 4 kinds of WA-AAH, one that is just pure water and the others that have beneficial additives like electrolytes, magnesium and oxygen.

Although I am well past my kid years and I am not yet a parent, WAT-AAH is still very appealing to an active 26 year old like myself.  Because there are so many bottled waters out there, I have started to be picky when buying a bottle.  I hadn’t realized until recently that many waters had sodium in them, and obviously the popular flavored waters like Vitamin Water have a ton of sugar in them.  This defeats the purpose of drinking water so its good to see a new brand out there that is offering pure water with some added, natural boosters without the sugar.

As a skier, the Energy WAT-AAH is my pick.  Living in Aspen, CO for 2 years and skiing at elevations above 12,000 feet where there is less oxygen in the air, you need to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.  People at the summit would often joke that they needed an oxygen tank along with their bottle of water and although WAT-AAH is not an oxygen tank, it does provide an added boost of oxygen that will further help you adjust to the altitude.  If someone at 12,000 feet saw a bottle of generic water next to WAT-AAH with Oxygen, i’m pretty sure they would spring for the oxygenated WAT-AAH.


To further prove that WAT-AAH is not just for kids, I brought some into my office last week and not surprisingly, the crew loved it.  Not only did the green from the label match our walls perfectly as you can see in the picture, it was satisfying and everyone thought the graphics and concept was clever.  From one start-up to another, WAT-AAH is supaah!

To buy WAT-AAH near you, check out the retailers map on their website at:

If you live in a state like California where WAT-AAH is not yet available, head on over to Amazon to buy a 12 pack.




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