With the emergence of dozens of invitation only discount websites spanning across pretty much every product category, the question arises; will we ever pay retail again?  As a consumer, I love the sales that are going on out there but i’m curious how this will effect the retail environment as prices keep getting lower and sales get bigger.  The websites I am referring to are invitation only shopping sites that offer very large discounts to their members, but in an exclusive and fast paced online setting.  Depending on the site, a company or product will be featured for a certain time period, usually only a day or two, which forces consumers to act fast because stock is limited so things sell out quick.  Most of the sites only feature a few companies at a time to keep it exclusive and have you checking back daily to see what new companies are being featured and how big the discounts are.  Because the discounts are so steep and you have to act fast, they rely on buyers to be impulsive.  I have found myself buying things that I didn’t neccissarily need, but were too good to pass up.  The Reebok Pumps I scored for $32 on Gilt Group the other week, although impulsive, were well worth it though.  Another great thing about these sites is the discovery of new companies.  Many of the featured companies are smaller brands looking to get their name out and these sales are great for both the companies and the consumers.  Be sure to sign up for the notifications because you never know when one of these sites will feature your favorite brand or a product you have been dying to buy.

Here is a list of “Invitation Only” shopping sites that I have joined.  Many have waiting lists or require an invite so click on the logos below to head straight to the sites and sign up through my invite….The first 6 are all primarily clothing and accessory sites, most offering mens as well as womens, the second to last features home goods and the last is for outdoor gear (part of Backcountry.com)….don’t forget about Jetsetter (part of Gilt Group) for hotel and vacation deals…….enjoy the discounts……

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