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New iPhone This Summer? iPhone on Verizon This Fall? Woah!

Although just rumors, these two Apple tidbits are being reported by a very reputable source: The Wall Street Journal.  In an article today, The Journal states that a new version of the current iPhone should be ready this summer.  The new version should be faster and thinner and the timing couldn’t be better as i’m due for an upgrade at the end of the summer.

The other big news coming from the Apple camp is the rumor that a CDMA version of the iPhone could be starting production in September.  Obviously this is big news as most people aren’t too happy with the AT&T network.  Soon you will no longer have an excuse not to have an iPhone.  The old excuse of, “oh I would get an iPhone but I hate AT&T” will no longer be valid.  With the possibility of the iPhone on AT&T, Verizon and Sprint, the already popular iPhone should grab quite a significant share of the smart phone market.  If this happens, the Android makers will surely have to step up their game if they want to compete with Apple.

Click here for the Wall Street Journal Article

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Need A Cheap Bike? Skip Craigslist And Head To

If you live in a city like San Francisco, used bikes are actually quite pricy.  If you look on Craigslist or pop your head in a used bike shop, you will be surprised that $300 doesn’t really get you much more than an old worn down hardtail that they are trying to pawn off as “vintage”.

Biking to work in SF has been great, but for the past few months I was doing so on my fairly nice bike.  Anytime I would lock it up outside for a bit, I would get nervous and end up checking on it like a worried parent.  So I decided to retire my nice bike for city purposes and find a cheap commuter bike for around $300.  After I came to the above realization about Craigslist and the used bike shops, I found  The cheaper priced bikes don’t have the best parts and most of the companies are exactly name brands, but it seems like they all get good reviews.  Although you can get a bike for as low as $250, they also have a selection of high end bikes that are up to $3000 but still much cheaper than if you found them in a bike shop.   I ended up with a $349 single speed Mercier Kilo TT which I am loving (pictured above).  Even the guys at the local bike shop were impressed with it’s quality, considering the price point.  It may not last forever but it’s exactly what I needed.  Their customer service is great and they offer free shipping and no tax (unless you are in Texas).

So if you need a cheap bike or even a carbon road bike for a fraction of bike store prices, check out

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If You Love Groupon, Then You Should Check These Out As Well

If you’ve heard of Groupon, then you probably are already familiar with the new crop of group discount sites that have been popping up.  Just like my post last week about Gilt Group and the new breed of online discount buying clubs, the “group” buying local coupon sites are also taking the internet by storm.  These sites feature a deal a day in a specified city.  In order for that deal to be valid, a certain number of people need to purchase the coupon for it to work.  This promotes sharing of the deal which is good for you, good for the site and good for the business offering up the deal.  The only trick is that unlike a traditional coupon that you print or cut out, you must purchase the coupon.  For example, you might be buying $50 worth of food at a local restaurant for $25 so you pay the $25 up front through the website and then you present the restaurant with the coupon you print out to get your $50 worth of food.  Because the deals are local, its a great way for businesses to promote themselves and a great way for people to explore new places in their city for cheap.  After the success of Groupon and their large $30 million Series B funding in December, Groupon type sites are now popping up everywhere.  Although its getting hard to keep track of all the new sites, you can never get enough local deals…….click on the logos below to head to these other group buying sites:

and the newest kid on the block…….

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Snugg Buds: The Answer To Generic Apple Earphones

Red Logo with large domain copy

Every iPhone or iPod you buy comes with matching Apple earphones, but that doesn’t mean you have to use them.  I never liked the standard Apple ear buds that came with my iPods, so over the years I have tried a variety of other brands.  From Sony to Panasonic to Scull Candy, i’ve never bought a pair of buds I loved that didn’t cost as much as the iPod itself.  Other than poor fit, my biggest complaint with most buds is the poor quality of the cords and the fact that they always tangle.  Snugg Buds are designed for active users and the cord is made of a material that is not as prone to tangling.  The cord feels more like string and less like cheap plastic which is awesome.  The materials and the quality of the speakers are better than most buds double in price.  Speaking of price they are very reasonable, the price of a pair of Snugg Buds ranges from $28.95 to $36.95 which is cheap for such a great little pair of headphones.  Best of all, a few of the models feature a clicker-mic for use with phones such as an iPhone or Blackberry.  When your iPhone rings while listening to your iTunes, music dims and one click of the mic will answer in-coming calls which is a great feature.

They come in a variety of colors, including some with bling and a sweet patriotic model.  The price includes 3 sets of spare ear-gels which allows you to customize your fit.  So ditch your generic white Apple buds and grab some  Snugg Buds from Southern California.

To get a pair check out their website at:

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