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Every iPhone or iPod you buy comes with matching Apple earphones, but that doesn’t mean you have to use them.  I never liked the standard Apple ear buds that came with my iPods, so over the years I have tried a variety of other brands.  From Sony to Panasonic to Scull Candy, i’ve never bought a pair of buds I loved that didn’t cost as much as the iPod itself.  Other than poor fit, my biggest complaint with most buds is the poor quality of the cords and the fact that they always tangle.  Snugg Buds are designed for active users and the cord is made of a material that is not as prone to tangling.  The cord feels more like string and less like cheap plastic which is awesome.  The materials and the quality of the speakers are better than most buds double in price.  Speaking of price they are very reasonable, the price of a pair of Snugg Buds ranges from $28.95 to $36.95 which is cheap for such a great little pair of headphones.  Best of all, a few of the models feature a clicker-mic for use with phones such as an iPhone or Blackberry.  When your iPhone rings while listening to your iTunes, music dims and one click of the mic will answer in-coming calls which is a great feature.

They come in a variety of colors, including some with bling and a sweet patriotic model.  The price includes 3 sets of spare ear-gels which allows you to customize your fit.  So ditch your generic white Apple buds and grab some  Snugg Buds from Southern California.

To get a pair check out their website at:

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