If you’ve heard of Groupon, then you probably are already familiar with the new crop of group discount sites that have been popping up.  Just like my post last week about Gilt Group and the new breed of online discount buying clubs, the “group” buying local coupon sites are also taking the internet by storm.  These sites feature a deal a day in a specified city.  In order for that deal to be valid, a certain number of people need to purchase the coupon for it to work.  This promotes sharing of the deal which is good for you, good for the site and good for the business offering up the deal.  The only trick is that unlike a traditional coupon that you print or cut out, you must purchase the coupon.  For example, you might be buying $50 worth of food at a local restaurant for $25 so you pay the $25 up front through the website and then you present the restaurant with the coupon you print out to get your $50 worth of food.  Because the deals are local, its a great way for businesses to promote themselves and a great way for people to explore new places in their city for cheap.  After the success of Groupon and their large $30 million Series B funding in December, Groupon type sites are now popping up everywhere.  Although its getting hard to keep track of all the new sites, you can never get enough local deals…….click on the logos below to head to these other group buying sites:

and the newest kid on the block…….

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