If you live in a city like San Francisco, used bikes are actually quite pricy.  If you look on Craigslist or pop your head in a used bike shop, you will be surprised that $300 doesn’t really get you much more than an old worn down hardtail that they are trying to pawn off as “vintage”.

Biking to work in SF has been great, but for the past few months I was doing so on my fairly nice bike.  Anytime I would lock it up outside for a bit, I would get nervous and end up checking on it like a worried parent.  So I decided to retire my nice bike for city purposes and find a cheap commuter bike for around $300.  After I came to the above realization about Craigslist and the used bike shops, I found Bikesdirect.com.  The cheaper priced bikes don’t have the best parts and most of the companies are exactly name brands, but it seems like they all get good reviews.  Although you can get a bike for as low as $250, they also have a selection of high end bikes that are up to $3000 but still much cheaper than if you found them in a bike shop.   I ended up with a $349 single speed Mercier Kilo TT which I am loving (pictured above).  Even the guys at the local bike shop were impressed with it’s quality, considering the price point.  It may not last forever but it’s exactly what I needed.  Their customer service is great and they offer free shipping and no tax (unless you are in Texas).

So if you need a cheap bike or even a carbon road bike for a fraction of bike store prices, check out bikesdirect.com.

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