Although just rumors, these two Apple tidbits are being reported by a very reputable source: The Wall Street Journal.  In an article today, The Journal states that a new version of the current iPhone should be ready this summer.  The new version should be faster and thinner and the timing couldn’t be better as i’m due for an upgrade at the end of the summer.

The other big news coming from the Apple camp is the rumor that a CDMA version of the iPhone could be starting production in September.  Obviously this is big news as most people aren’t too happy with the AT&T network.  Soon you will no longer have an excuse not to have an iPhone.  The old excuse of, “oh I would get an iPhone but I hate AT&T” will no longer be valid.  With the possibility of the iPhone on AT&T, Verizon and Sprint, the already popular iPhone should grab quite a significant share of the smart phone market.  If this happens, the Android makers will surely have to step up their game if they want to compete with Apple.

Click here for the Wall Street Journal Article

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