I couldn’t let all of April pass without a post, so I figured I would share a new music site I have been spending a lot of time on.  If you like to discover new music then keep on reading.  The Hype Machine is a super easy to use music site that ” keeps track of what music bloggers write about.”  Basically it’s an aggregator that pulls together the hottest new songs that are being mentioned on music blogs and lets people listen to them, share them and rate them.  Since music blogs are usually the first to share new beats and albums, The Hype Machine will have you listening to the hot new tracks long before your friends.  Because there is a social element to it, you can follow your friends and see what new songs they are listening to.  Even if you aren’t necessarily looking for new music, type in a band or artist you already like and I guarantee there are new tracks or remixes you haven’t heard before.  Instead of spending the day searching the hundreds of random music blogs out there, just head to The Hype Machine and let them sort through the blogs and give you the hottest new tracks.  I’ve only been using The Hype Machine for a couple weeks but I’ve already found a bunch of new music.  Although you can’t download directly from Hype Machine, you can listen to the songs for free on the site.  If you wish to download songs, they do give links to sites like itunes where you can purchase the music legally.

Sign up for The Hype Machine and start adding to your personal list of favorites.  To check out my profile and follow me go to http://www.hypem.com/rapcity

Happy Listening

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