logoSimply put, Marine Layer shirts fit and feel amazing.  A new shirt company started by Mike Natenshon and based out of San Francisco, Marine Layer shirts are sure to become your new favorite shirt.  After his girlfriend threatened to dump out his old college t-shirts, Mike set out to make shirts that had that worn in, comfortable feel, but were new and wouldn’t be thrown out by his girl.  A lot of men take t-shirts and polos for granted, wearing whatever their mom gave them 5 Christmases ago and not really thinking too much about new purchases.  I myself have fallen into the trap of settling on Polos or t-shirts that never seem to fit right and always cost too much.  Marine Layer definitely gives the mens clothing world new hope and a new shirt from them will definitely score points with the ladies and be so comfortable, you won’t want to take it off.  The current lineup consists of an assortment of t-shirts, long sleeve t-shirts and polos, all of which are super soft and made in the U.S.A.  The custom fabric is a blend of two yarns, Pima Cotton and MicroModal, produced by Lenzig AG.  Modal is a bio-based fabric that comes from recycled Beech Wood.  The result is a shirt that, as Mike set out to do, feels like an old college favorite but looks a whole lot better.  Not only is the fabric unique and super soft, the fit is guaranteed to be great as well.  As someone who has often found themselves in between sizes, I really appreciate their unique sizes that include smedium and marge.  I could go on and on about how sweet these shirts are, but I will cut this short and suggest that you check them out yourself.  If you aren’t in the area and don’t have a chance to cop a feel for yourself, you can get a free sample of the cloth to see just how nice it is.  With their fit finder, free shipping and free returns, you have no excuse not to try them out.  If you happen to live in San Francisco, their full time office/shop is on Polk St. but for the next 2 weeks they have a pop-up retail shop on Chestnut St.

So check out their stuff and ditch your generic shirts for these super comfortable shirts made by some great guys and manufactured right here in California.  http://www.marinelayer.com

Pop-up Shop Details:

Location: 2209 Chestnut St. between Pierce & Scott
Dates: Saturday May 1st – Wednesday May 12th
Hours: 11am – 7pm

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