Glasses are not cheap.  Anyone who needs glasses knows that by the time you go to the doctor, pick out some stylish frames and get the lenses, you are not walking out the door for less than a few hundred dollars.  That is, if you want something more stylish than the bargain frames at a Lens Crafters.  But why are frames so expensive?  If you think about it, frames are pretty basic and the materials used are not much more than plastic and cheap metals.  It seems like you are mostly paying for the names and the large mark ups that optical shops tack on.

It was only a matter of time before some entrepreneurs saw this and decided to stir up the eyewear world by creating a line of glasses that takes out the middle men and allows you to buy directly through them for under $100, including the prescription lenses.  With Warby Parker, you get boutique quality frames that are retro and stylish for a price that makes sense.  Although I love my Paul Smith frames I currently have, I don’t want to pay $300 for new frames, not including the lenses.  Warby has dozens of options that look just like my Paul Smiths, but at a price I don’t mind paying.  Although you can’t go to a store and try them on, they have a very clever “virtual try-on” feature which allows you to either upload a picture of your face or take one with your webcam and virtually try the frames on.  If you still want to physically try them on, they have a free home try on option where you can select up to 5 frames to be sent to you to test drive for a week and then pick the one pair that suits you best.  Since this is their first collection and it has been met with such a positive reaction, their stock is very low, so if they have the frames you want in stock you are in luck but if not, then hold tight, they will be ramping up their production as they move forward.

Not only are the frames cheap and stylish, they also have a Toms Shoes thing going on where they are giving away a pair of glasses to someone in need for every pair that is purchased.  So not only are you getting a good deal, you are helping someone in need.  Oh and if this all doesn’t sound good enough, they also offer free shipping and free returns.  To learn more and order yourself a pair of $95 frames and prescription lenses, head on over to

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