I often like to play the game of “what if” when it comes to cars.  What would I buy if I had a cool quarter of a million dollars lying around?  Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin……..it would be quite a nice dilemma to have.  Recently Porsche decided to create a very rare and special 911 and offer it exclusively to our friends across the Atlantic.  The 911 Sport Classic is based on the Carrera S, but done in a very cool Grey color with some throw back Fuchs wheels, a duck-tail spoiler and some other very sexy upgrades.  Although you can buy a much faster and more performance oriented car for this price, this Porsche is about exclusivity and style.  They only made 250 of these Sport Classics and all were spoken for very quickly after they came on the market.  It doesn’t hurt to dream right?

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