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Hipmunk: A New Travel Site That Aims to Make Flight Searching Easier

Traveling is fun, searching for flights is not.  There are a handful of sites out there that attempt to aggregate the dozens of flight booking engines, but none of them are great in my opinion. and are just a couple such sites but the way they display available flights is not too intuitive.  Hipmunk aims to make searching for flights easier by narrowing down the criteria you care about and displaying results in a clever format that is easy on the eyes.  There are definitely some early bugs and some improvements that could be made, but the site is new and they are just starting to get funding and get some momentum going.  Reddit co-founder Steve Huffman decided to go back to Y Combinator with this start-up along with a small angel investor, so although the funding is small, it will be interesting to see if this site can gain some traction in this competitive market.  Plus, you gotta love their mascot!

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Marine Layer: The Opening Of Their First Retail Store & Some Sweet New Products

The last time I talked about the guys over at Marine Layer, they were opening up a pop up shop in San Francisco to sling some of their new shirt designs.  Fast forward 3 months and their pop up shop is now turning into a full time retail shop complete with an expanded product line.  As I write this, they are hard at work sanding floors and re-wiring the shop to get it ready for the grand opening sometime in mid August.  Check their blog for the latest info along with an amusing video of them trying to figure out how to operate a floor sander.  The new store will be located at the same address as their pop up shop, 2209 Chestnut St. San Francisco, CA.

In order to fill the new digs, Marine Layer is expanding their product line.  Along with some new t-shirt and polo designs, they have unveiled their new hoodie, The Afternoon Hoodie.  In typical Marine Layer fashion, the hoodie is made from their super soft custom fabric with touches like re-inforced seams and my favorite, a hidden pocket inside the pouch pocket.  To top it off they took out the draw string in the hood because as they put it…..”you’re not a cat burglar”.

So if you live in San Francisco, stay tuned for their retail shop grand opening sometime this month and if not, head on over to their website and snag one of their new hoodies.

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