They don’t build them like they used to.  Whether it’s a fridge or a truck, modern goods just aren’t built to the same standards of quality and durability as they used to.  Trucks today can hardly be called trucks.  Most have leather interiors with navigation systems and smooth suspensions that are more aimed at driving to soccer practice than up a mountain.  Although most people don’t need locking differentials or 12 inches of travel for most of their driving needs, it’s nice to know that some companies are still making trucks that are just plain trucks.

Icon, based in Los Angeles has taken two classic 4×4s and transformed them into modern off road machines.  The Toyota FJ and the Jeep CJ are two iconic 4×4s that were always built as true trucks that could go anywhere and would withstand years of abuse and wear.  Many people restore classic FJs and CJs but at Icon, they have taken things to a whole new level.  Instead of taking old FJs and CJs and restoring old frames and parts, they create brand new replicas based on the original platforms and outfit them with the highest quality modern materials and parts.  The result is a brand new truck that looks like a classic FJ or CJ.  These amazing trucks do come at a price though…..although they are all fully customizable with varying prices, most Icons sell for north of $100,000.  For most enthusiasts, the price is too high but for those who can afford a six figure truck, there is no better choice than an Icon.

Head to http://icon4× for more info about these unique trucks.

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