Ever since I showed up to photography class in High School with my fathers heavy old Nikon SLR, i’ve been hooked. Black and white photography pulled me in but now in the digital world, the ease and instant gratification of digital photography keep my interest going. Although i’m happy with my affordable Nikon D40, which takes great pictures, it’s hard not to salivate over the high end cameras that have more features than I would ever know what to do with. Most high end cameras today are packed into a modern looking package but some companies like Leica try to keep the look vintage.  This vintage look and feel however, often come at a very steep price.

This year Fuji has entered the scene with the X100, a new and powerful compact digital camera that looks like a vintage SLR complete with leather like wrap and alloy body, but with the heart of a digital camera. Although still very expensive at just around $1,200, it is almost half the price of a comparable Leica.

To learn more check out the Fuji site.

Fujifilm   FinePix X100 | Video


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