I’ve written about Hype Machine before, so if you haven’t checked it out and you are a fan of discovering new music, then you should head there now and poke around.  Basically, Hype aggregates all the top music blogs to bring you what is hot and being listened to out there in the music blogsphere.  From new releases to the latest mashups and remixes, browsing around and “loving” songs lets you discover and share music in a cool new way.  By creating a profile, you can “love” songs and add them to your playlist.  My playlist now has over 350 songs that I can pull up on any browser and listen to.  I also follow and am followed by friends to see what everyone else is listening to.  Although not perfect, its a great way to listen and find new music in your browser.

Up until this week, it was all browser based.  Many a party I went to where I wished I could plug my iPhone in and play what i’ve been listening to on Hype so finally an iPhone App has been released where you can listen on the go.  Athough you have to pay $2.99 for it, I feel like it’s definitely worth it.  Early reviews reveal that its not perfect such as the lack of having your own “loved” songs available, but it’s a good first step and i’m sure features will be added soon in their next version.

With Google announcing their music platform this week, i’m excited to see the evolution of the music industry, making it easier to share, discover and listen to new music while keeping it all in the cloud.

Check out my newly added Hype Machine Widget on the right hand side of SML, below the Facebook Widget to see the latest songs i’m listening to on Hype.

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