Although it still has the look and feel of a website circa 1996 when it was started by Craig Newmark, Craigslist continues to be the go-to classified site to buy and sell local items.  Although Craigslist is offered in most cities and locations across the US, there is no way to search for Craigslist on a national level.  If you are looking to buy a bike in your city, this probably doesn’t matter but if you are looking to find a rare car or item that you would be willing to travel for or have shipped, Craigslist is limited.  This limitation led to the formation of Craiggers which is a Craigslist aggregator that lets you search for items through Craigslist on a national level in a user friendly and easy to use interface.

So if you are looking to break down the city level walls that Craigslist has erected, head to Craiggers and search nationally.

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