Home Alone is an American classic and the big red bricked house that Macaulay Culkin turned upside down will forever be remembered.  Like most homes featured in films, it is an actual house that people have called home in real life for years.  Today it is on the market for the next family to snatch up and re-create their own Home Alone moments.  The price tag is a solid $2.4 million and although that seems pretty steep, it is located in the upscale Chicago suburb of Winnetka, IL and i’m sure it’s celebrity status has added a few $ to the price.

So if you are looking for a nice place to raise a family in Winnetka and want to own a piece of cinematic history, give Coldwell Banker a call.

Buzz’s room?

For the rest of the tour check out the site: http://homealonehome.coldwellbanker.com/index.html

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