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Yeti SB-66: The Ultimate 6 Inch Bike

Yeti SB-66

The folks at Yeti have done it again.  The crew out of Golden, Colorado have managed to raise the bar with their latest offering, the SB-66.  As a big fan of Yeti and proud owner of an ‘06 575, I was surprised to see that their new model only boasts 1/4″ more travel than the current 575, but when looking at the specs, it is a whole different beast.  It boasts their new patent pending “Switch Technology”, which is a dual pivot design with an eccentric mechanism that switches direction as the bike moves through its travel.  What this means is a super smooth ride that will provide continuous, smooth travel throughout.  Initial reviews confirm that it is super fun to ride and will surely push other companies to try and copy.  The frame and shock come in at 7 pounds which is not super light but with the efficiency of it’s travel and geometry, it will ride a lot lighter.  If you are a weight weenie you can wait for the 6 pound carbon version but expect to pay a bunch more.  If you are looking to upgrade, look no further.  Head to your local Yeti dealer or click on over to JensonUSA to get yours now.  Prices are set at $3,500 for the Enduro build, $4,500 for the Race XT or X0/X9 build or $6,150 for the Pro XTR build.

Yeti SB-66 Switch Technology

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Altec Lansing Orbit: Big Sound From A Little Speaker

Altec Lansing Orbit

Recently I was looking for a portable iPod speaker to bring with me to the park or beach to blast some beats.  Most on the market are a bit bulky and require a backpack or bag to transport, but I wanted something I could fit in my pocket.  I found a deal on an Altec Lansing Orbit, which is about the size of my fist and runs on 3 AAA batteries.  It’s simple, well built and emits a clear, quality sound.  Unlike some no name portable ipod speakers that start to muffle and break up when the volume increases, this little guy keeps the sound quality up no matter what the volume is.  Although the volume is controlled through your ipod or MP3 player/phone, it is surprisingly loud for the price and size of the unit.  Don’t expect to blare it over a neighboring party or a loud street but if you are hanging with some friends, playing some corn-hole in the park, or want to play tunes at hotel room on vacation, this is your guy.  Available for around $20 on Amazon and it even comes with a little case and carabiner for easy carrying.

Altec Lansing Orbit

orbit speaker mp3 from altec lansing

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U.S.A! Everything You Need To Celebrate In Style On The 4th of July

Betabrand U.S.A. Pants

The 4th of July is less than a month away, which means it’s time to head across the border to stock up on fireworks, break out your red white and blues and drive on down to the grocery store to buy some grillables and adult beverages.

Although you might still be rocking the same classic American flag sweater your grandmother gave you for your birthday in 1996, it’s time to step into the 21st century and  wear your stars and stripes a little more fashionably.  Betabrand, a hot new mens clothing start-up based in San Francisco has made a name for themselves by cranking out fresh new designs on a weekly basis.  From their original Cordarounds which took the classic vertical cordory and flipped it on it’s side, to it’s super bright and popular “disco” pants, you can always expect something awesome and totally new to come out of their labs.  For the 4th they are serving up their U.S.A pants which will have everyone at your party singing the star spangled banner.  Get some now in time for the big day at


Betabrand USA Pants

Now that you have your legs covered for 4th of July, you need to outfit your whip to match.  Also based in San Francisco, Carstache promises to keep your car hip with one of their brightly colored car mustaches.  For the 4th they are offering the appropriately named Glorystache to keep your ride patriotic, even if it’s an import.  Head to to get your own.

Carstache Glorystache

Finally, you are gonna need some suds to wash down all the patriotic goodness you take in over the 4th so obviously you are going to do so with an American beer.  Forget the fact that a Belgian company technically owns Budweiser now, Bud is about as American as you can get.  To celebrate, Budweiser wrapped their cans with some stars and stripes.  Cheers America!


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