For most of my life I have been a classic watch guy.  For the past 10+ years I have relied on my trusty Tag Heuer, but after years of abuse I decided that I needed a true sports watch to handle some of the heavy lifting.  Following the advice of many of my Colorado friends, I decided to go with a Suunto.  Not only are Suuntos big, bold and stylish, I’ve seen them provide some very accurate info in a variety of outdoor scenarios.  After a month or so with my new Suunto Core Military Edition, I have yet to take it off (other than to hand it to friends to try on).  Out of the box, the compass and altitude seem to be pretty accurate but you can tweak and calibrate it to be even more accurate.  For my general use of skiing, surfing, biking, running and camping, it’s exactly what I need.  It has just the right amount of functionality to be super useful but isn’t over the top.  What sets the Suunto apart from other digital/outdoor watches is the style.  Most digital watches with a boatload of cool functions look pretty geeky and made for sport and not a night out on the town.  Suunto combines outdoor capability with a bold style that gets more compliments for it’s cool design than any watch I have owned.  If you are looking for a solid do everything watch that you can feel comfortable wearing all day and night, check out a Suunto Core.  For a special tour of it’s features head here.


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