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Learn To Code In Minutes At Codecademy

If you are looking to learn how to code, there are plenty of classes, books and tutorials out there but none are too exciting.  Working for a start-up in a semi technical role, I have had to learn the basics of JS and HTML but I haven’t had the time to really devote myself to taking a course or reading a book to learn more.  A couple days ago I read about on TechCrunch and after spending only a few minutes on the site, i’m already hooked.  Right now the only “courses” offered are in Java Script but the courses that are offered are interactive, fun and straightforward.  They also add a gaming feature to it so you can earn points and trophies as you learn and pass lessons.  Plus as you move through lessons, you can track and share your progress which is shown as a percentage in your profile.  I am definitely going to keep at it and hopefully they expand to other languages like PHP and Python in the future.


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The Shooting Brake – An Overlooked Car Design Makes A Comeback

Although most Americans say no to wagons, the European in me would much rather a wagon than most of the SUVs or crossovers that are out there today.  Recently, automakers are trying out new “crossover” bodystyles that combine elements of different types of cars and trucks to try and broaden their range of offered vehicles.  Although some styles are completely new, a few companies are bringing back some old styles and putting a new twist on them.

One of those styles is The Shooting Brake which is a two-box car body style that takes styling cues from both a wagon and a coupe.  Although some may view it as slightly awkward looking, I think the design makes for a very sporty looking wagon.  Although the design won’t likely be mainstream or used by most of the automakers out there, new models like the Ferrari FF  and Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake are starting to be unveiled.

First a look at an older Shooting Brake, the 1965 Aston Martin DB5 – maybe James Bond would have driven this if he had more gear to haul around?

1965 Aston Martin DB5 Shooting Brake

The latest Shooting Brakes to hit the streets:

2012 Ferrari FF - Oh and the FF is all wheel drive – could be the ultimate ski car:

Ferrari FF

Ferrari FF

Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake Concept:

Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake

Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake

What do you think?  Wish the design never made a comeback or let’s see some more?

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