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Suzy Barnard – SF Artist Captures The Beauty of Cargo Ships

A few months ago, I was eating dinner at a restaurant in SOMA and noticed the bold, bright paintings of cargo ships that were lining the restaurant.  The artist, Suzy Barnard has a studio on the water here in San Francisco with a view of all the cargo ships that come in and out of San Francisco.  Of all the beautiful things to capture in this city, a cargo ship is not usually the first thing that pops into ones head, but the bold and colorful works of Suzy really do make you appreciate the beauty of these massive boats out there in the bay.  To learn more head to her website:



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Gröe Clothing: Limited Edition Shirts That Are Literally Works Of Art


Today I will be spotlighting a new clothing line started by Jared Allen, a very talented artist and professional skier based out of Ogden, Utah. It appears that when Jared is not hucking himself off 100 foot cliffs, he is at work creating unique works of art in his Ogden studio. Recently, he has turned to a new medium for his artwork: clothing. Gröe is a limited edition clothing line that features his artwork on t-shirts in limited numbers. Each design is only printed 72 times and when it sells out, he prints a new design. This keeps the line fresh and gives you a unique t-shirt that you won’t see on many other people. The other great thing about these new shirts is the price. If you are sick of seeing trendy tees for $40 plus, than you will be comforted by the $17 price tag on each of these unique shirts. Check out the website to learn more and order a few for yourself – shipping is just $5:

Last week I had a chance to ask Jared a few questions about Gröe – here is what he said:

idea1. What is your background as an Artist / Skier?

I started out drawing mummies on skateboards in elementary school. Then I drew comic books in junior high and high school. I got a degree in Advertising Design as a way of dodging the term “starving artist”. Now I do a mix of fine art and design work. Most of my current clients are in the ski/outdoor industry.
My ski background…. hmmmm, I like jumping off cliffs. I like going fast. I like progressing. I think skiing is a great way of pushing your personal boundaries and stepping up to real goals and challenges. It’s been a huge part of my life.

2. Where did you come up with the idea for this company? Why did you pick t-shirts as a medium? Who is your main audience/market?

The idea for Groe is something I’ve always had. I guess it’s not so much an idea as it is an approach to life. The concept to keep growing. To keep challenging yourself. To keep an open mind. It’s how I try to live. Groe is just the name we attached to it.

I’ve wanted to do something with T’s for a long time. It’s just such a creative medium. I was looking into limited edition screen prints of some of my paintings and decided limited edition T’s would be more fun. Take the artwork off the wall and out on the town.

As far as an audience goes…. anyone, everyone. Anyone who is awake to what life can be. Or wants to be awake. It’s amazing what’s possible if you keep thinking. There is no exclusion based on anything other than a closed mind. We’re even starting to print baby items. We do seem to be doing well with the “extreme sports” or “hipster” crowds, but that’s just natural given the backgrounds in skiing and art.

3. Where did you draw your inspiration from? What would you define your style as?

Inspiration comes from everything. Every photo taken by your eyes. My kids are a big inspiration. It’s amazing the epiphanies you’ll have playing with toddler toys. It’s like a second spin at life, but you’ve still got your first eyes and memories. Life in general is the inspiration.

I don’t know that my style has a name. I like working with typography and the concept of literal items “growing” off the word Groe. I also like working with characters. It’s fun imagining their personalities and building quirky back stories.

4. What does the future have in store for you and Gröe?

In my first job interview after college my soon to be future boss asked me: “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?” I replied with some type of boring path up a corporate ladder. Today if I were asked that question I’d have to say that I have no idea where I’ll be in 10 years. No clue, but I do know that I will be in control and it’s going to be a fun ride.

Short term we’re working on setting up our own press and evolving into a few other items beyond T’s. We may actually print the T after the order. We’ll supply a list of designs, colors and potential blanks options (T’s hoodys, hats, kids items, etc… We may also start doing live printing at art events. I’d like to get more involved at community level as well. Maybe teach some art classes or offer classes on avoiding all the traps we people have set for each other, but tied to a capacity to have time for art. It’s hard to find time to pursue your dreams (art, skiing), or your life if you’re trapped. I could go on about this stuff forever, but I won’t… right now.

And as a parting shot, here is Jared in his element……going big!


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Peter Lik Photography


As an amateur photographer and outdoor enthusiast, I love a great landscape shot. How many times do you see a beautiful sunrise or a unique set of clouds and wish you could capture the moment? I know I do quite often. Although there are tons of talented landscape photographers out there, Peter Lik is one who surely stands out.

Living in Aspen, I am lucky enough to have access to one of his gallery locations here in town so I have seen many of his works up close. Because of his unique photos I highly recommend seeing them in person as pictures on the web will do them no justice.

When you see a print of his you immediately think there is a light eminating from behind the image or that it has been heavily photo shopped. Both of these statements are false. Lik uses a unique approach to processing and printing his 35mm images using special paper to create a saturated and illuminated effect that makes the print look back-lit.

The other thing worth noting is his ability to market the Peter Lik brand. All of his galleries have a uniform design to them that use a lot of natural woods and elements that take you closer to nature. The absence of white walls and the rustic feel of the gallery brings the viewer closer to the image. Even his choice of frames are unique, rugged and matched to the specific image.

The images don’t come cheap however, but if you have the money to spend, his pieces would be a nice addition to any collection. I myself only posses his calendar, but hey it’s a start!

Find out more on his website:




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