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Too Early To Think About Ski Season? Nope! The 2011 MSP Trailer Is Out!

Chances are you are currently sunburned and stuffed full of hot dogs and Budweisser after celebrating our glorious country this past weekend, but just because summer is in full swing doesn’t mean you can’t start to dream about steep lines and bottomless powder.  If you love skiing as much as I do, it’s a subject that is top of mind for most of the year.  Nothing, however gets you more fired up for ski season than the fall movie tours put on by the prominent ski film houses like MSP and Teton Gravity Research.  The first trailer of the season from the fellas over at Match Stick Productions is out and their film for 2011 titled ‘Attack of La Nina: The bitch is back’ looks good, real good.  The quality of the filming and the lines these athletes are hitting keep improving with every season so i’m excited to see the full feature.  Although it’s not quite time to scrape the storage wax off your pow boards quite yet, it certainly isn’t too early to sneak a peak at this flick and start to get excited for winter 2011-12.  Don’t forget to check the MSP movie tour to see if they are heading to a town near you this fall.

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Yeti SB-66: The Ultimate 6 Inch Bike

Yeti SB-66

The folks at Yeti have done it again.  The crew out of Golden, Colorado have managed to raise the bar with their latest offering, the SB-66.  As a big fan of Yeti and proud owner of an ‘06 575, I was surprised to see that their new model only boasts 1/4″ more travel than the current 575, but when looking at the specs, it is a whole different beast.  It boasts their new patent pending “Switch Technology”, which is a dual pivot design with an eccentric mechanism that switches direction as the bike moves through its travel.  What this means is a super smooth ride that will provide continuous, smooth travel throughout.  Initial reviews confirm that it is super fun to ride and will surely push other companies to try and copy.  The frame and shock come in at 7 pounds which is not super light but with the efficiency of it’s travel and geometry, it will ride a lot lighter.  If you are a weight weenie you can wait for the 6 pound carbon version but expect to pay a bunch more.  If you are looking to upgrade, look no further.  Head to your local Yeti dealer or click on over to JensonUSA to get yours now.  Prices are set at $3,500 for the Enduro build, $4,500 for the Race XT or X0/X9 build or $6,150 for the Pro XTR build.

Yeti SB-66 Switch Technology

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Celebrate Legendary Baseball Facial Hair With Nike Hair-itage Tees

MLB Baseball has seen it’s fair share of interesting facial hair over the years.  From mullets to beards to mustaches, many famous baseball players will forever be remembered by their choice of facial hair style.  What better way to imortalize these hair styles than a tee shirt.  I’m definitely going to snag a Don Mattingly tee for myself – where would Donny Baseball be today without that ’stache?

New York Yankees Navy Nike Cooperstown Hair-itage Don Mattingly Player Tee

Seattle Mariners Royal Nike Cooperstown Hair-itage Randy Johnson Player Tee

Get yours at The National Baseball Hall of Fame Shop here: Nike Hair-itage Tees

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The Ultimate Ski Car!

Most ski cars are good at getting you to the mountain, but this new machine will not only get you to the mountain it will take you up it!  With 400hp and a set of mean cat tracks, this Subaru is sure to stand out on your next drive to the mountain.  Behold the new half car/ half snow machine – the new Subaru Trax STI.

Check out the GIZMODO article for more on Ken Block’s new toy.

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Goodbye Colorado, Hello California!

If any of you loyal followers have been wondering why I have been MIA the past couple weeks, I apologize but I have been very busy with my move! After living in beautiful Aspen, Colorado for 2 years, I now have a new home in San Francisco, California. Although I won’t be skiing over 100 days a year, I am excited for the change and the new opportunities that exist in this wonderful city. I will try to get back to a more regular blogging routine but for now I offer up some ski pictures I have taken over the past couple winter in Aspen. Aspen truly is a special place and I will be back there often – these pictures make me very nostalgic, but I am grateful to have made such great friends out there who I will have for the rest of my life. Here is to the wonderful sport of skiing and the next chapter in my life:










Record snowfall my first winter out there……can you find my truck in this picture…….


And a parting shot of yours truly…….I love powder!


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Impulse Buy: The Purchase Of A Ski Lift Chair!

Yesterday I made an impulse buy. It wasn’t a small impulse buy like a t-shirt or a bargain at the end of the supermarket isle; It was a 200 pound, 8 foot tall steel ski lift chair, and I don’t regret it one bit.

Ever since I started skiing, I have always wanted to own a ski chair off a lift. Every once in a while I would see a lift dangling off someones porch and wonder how they acquired it. 20 years of skiing later, I finally have my piece of the mountain too. It seems as though ski lift chairs are pretty hard to find and sometimes fetch a pretty penny but I was lucky enough to find one for $50. I can’t take all the credit for this find though….It was my girlfriend who spotted the lift for sale in the Buttermilk parking lot, as she was buying peaches at the fruit stand. It appears as if the lift came off Buttermilk mountain to make way for a faster and bigger lift. Now this classic double will have a new home in my San Francisco apartment after I make it some legs and fashion a new cushioned bench for it.

Even though I am moving away from this beautiful valley, I will be taking a piece of Aspen with me to keep forever.


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US Open 2009: Young American Talent & Some Bright New Kicks

b_0903_oudin3The U.S. Open is under way and after the first 2 rounds, we have seen some great tennis and a couple of upsets. Although I miss most of the TV coverage being at work, I have been watching the free online coverage at Along with being free and live, it allows you to view matches on 5 of the courts which is great.

One of the major stories so far is the rise of 17 year old American, Melanie Oudin and her 2nd round upset of the #4 seed Elena Dementieva. Unseeded Oudin is currently ranked #70 in the world and has a career record of 11-14 after turning pro in February of 2008. She was home schooled in Marietta, Georgia so she could focus on tennis and I guess it is paying off because she is making a big name for herself and she is still just 17 years old. Hopefully she can stir things up in Womens tennis and give the Williams sisters some competition. Next up for Oudin will be a tough match against Maria Sharapova but this girl seems to have the drive and the talent to succeed.

When talking about Oudin, I must also mention that she is rocking some seriously awesome new Adidas kicks. Throughout my college tennis years, I was a big fan of the Adidas Barricade shoes and its good to see that they are kicking it up a notch with their color palate. Oudin and fellow American Sam Querrey are debuting the new Barricade V’s which can be customized on the new website.

Oudin has her motto “believe” transcribed on the shoes and Querrey has his name and an American flag on the tongue. I might have to design a pair of these myself and retire my boring blue and white Barricades.  Expect to see a lot of custom Barricades squeaking around a court near you after the Open. For $140 they aren’t cheap but you can’t really put a price on radness.


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Kelly Sildaru: The 7 Year Old Skier With A Very Bright Future!

After last weeks YouTube clip of the week, I am keeping with the theme of youngsters excelling at sports….

This time the sport is a little more mainstream and I am completely blown away.  We’ve all seen young, fearless skiers bombing around our mountains, but I have never seen a 7 year old girl with this much talent.  She throws 720s and goes bigger than most grown men would ever go.  I know children are fearless, but this is simply awesome.  The girls name is Kelly Sildaru and she hails from Estonia.  It also seems like she is fully sponsored at the tender age of 7 by the likes of K2, Nike, Hestra, Spy, Dalbello and others.  Enjoy!

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It’s That Time Of Year Again……The Ski Buyer’s Guides Are Out!

If you are a skier like I am, then you probably start to feel “the turn” around this time of year……Although summer is great, you can’t help but think about the upcoming ski season as nights become cooler and the bears in town start fattening up for hibernation….

The ski magazines are in tune with these end of summer blues, so they publish their first editions in late August/early September. Most magazines start off their season with a gear buyer’s guide to show you whats new and exciting for the upcoming season. What better way to get pumped for skiing, than to drool over all the new equipment you wish you could afford.

After a couple seasons working in a ski shop paired with two 100+ day ski seasons, I have become a harsh critic on gear.

This year I give you my rundown of the 4 major ski buyer’s guides……and the winner is……

1. Freeskier Magazine

photo_17223_-1x630_0Although I don’t sag my goggles or wear super bright, baggy threads, I do love fat skis and the latest and greatest in ski technology. Freeskier is by far the best buyers guide on the newstands this season because it is in depth, gives actual reviews and includes a lot of info about rockered skis. This buyers guide is definitely aimed at the younger, more advanced ski crowd. Most all of the skis reviewed were over 90mm in the waist, including 43 skis tested over 110mm in the waist. That is my kind of test as I am an advocate of the bigger is better mantra (out west at least). Their stoke meter which is their review system is not always too accurate in my mind, but skis are very personal so its tough to review for the masses and hey, at least they have some type of rating system. On top of that, they feature the little guys – the boutique ski companies that are helping to progress the industry. Not only do they review all the fat skis that are out there, they take a look at clothing and accessories. Most of the clothing is a little too steezy for me but they do include my boys TREW (who also got a shout-out in an editor’s setup)! On top of all this, they even throw in a poster of this years Lange Girl for you. Two thumbs up from this guy.

2. Powder Magazine

First off I have to commend Powder on this issue, not because of their buyers guide but because of the the double cover and their tribute to Shane McConkey who is a legend and one of the reasons I became so obsessed with this sport. The ski world will not be the same without Shane but he left us with an amazing legacy. Hopefully Shane is smearing some pow turns in heaven as I write this.

Because of this great tribute, maybe they didn’t spend as much time on their buyers guide so i’m ok with that. Their rather slim guide doesn’t have actual reviews of any of the skis, only company blurbs about how they should ski. Kudos to them for featuring fatter, more advanced skis but they get major points off for their lack of descriptions, reviews and only showing a few models per company. They mention some boutiques like Freeskier did, just in a much more condensed fashion.

I do love Powder though and I love how they gave Shane his first cover. R.I.P Shane.


Tied for Last…..Skiing Magazine and Ski Magazine


Oh boy, this is where things get rather interesting. I’ve never been a fan of either of these magazine as they tend to appeal to the beginner/intermediate crowd who don’t know much about skiing, but every once in a while they surprise me. Not this time though. As usual, both of these buyers guides appeal to the average cruiser and mostly disregard the new technology and the fact that a 90mm waisted ski is no longer considered a powder ski. Its as if these buyers guides are stuck in 2002 when they refer to a freeride ski as being a 80-90mm waisted ski, and a “super-wide” ski being over 105 under foot. I’m sorry but this is 2009 and super-wide is more like 120+. For most of us 105 is more of an all-mountain/freeride ski. I know they are appealing to the masses and people on both coasts but please don’t call an 80mm waisted ski a freeride ski in 2009 because that is just silly. The only good thing about these guides is the fact that they use an actual rating system to pick their favorites. I disagree with many of them, but at least they are trying.

I Hope this helps all of you in your search for new gear this season but if you are like me, you will probably buy all 4 nonetheless. I never do get sick of looking at ski magazines or gear. If you are looking for new skis or gear this year, shoot me an email and I would be more than happy to give some suggestions.

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YouTube Clip Of The Week: European Indoor Cycling?

I don’t know what the Europeans are feeding their kids these days, but we need to get our little ones on the same program. While girls in the U.S. work on their balance beam skills, the girls over in Germany are not only practicing their balancing, but doing so while popping a wheelie on a bike. Although this sport seems very strange and rather circus-like, these girls have some serious skill. Will indoor cycling be the next big thing? Probably not but as a biker, i’m impressed. I don’t think some of those moves would turn out too well if a guy tried them though……might have to leave this sport to the ladies.

This video is from the 2009 European Junior Indoor Cycling

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