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Apple Tablet Hitting Stores This Fall?


It is looking like all the rumors may be true. Apple is famous for its secretive nature surrounding new product releases and the anticipated Tablet style product has been no exception. With rumors swirling around for over a year, The Financial Times has given some credibility to previous rumors with an article announcing its expected release date for September.

They mention that a Tablet release could coincide with the release of new iPods as well as a new music initiative, code named “Cocktail” which aims to get consumers to buy whole albums instead of picking individual songs.

The Tablet will likely be an oversized iPod Touch, boasting a 10 inch diagonal touch screen. Rumors also suggest the Tablet style Apple will have Wi-Fi connectivity, a downloadable book marketplace, and an OS operating system similar to a notebook. This product from Apple would be a huge threat to the popular Kindle from Amazon and fit nicely between the iPhone and Macbook in Apples lineup. If many of these rumors are true, the Tablet from Apple would include all the functionality of the Kindle, while adding more features akin to a notebook. Add to all this the sleek and hip package that Apple will likely wrap it in and you have a winner. It will be interesting to see what price point they will choose but if it is competitive with the Kindle then watch out!

If these releases do happen before the next holiday season, it could be a very busy and profitable season for Apple.

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Google Latitude: Changing The Way We Interact

Photo From Mashable

Photo From Mashable

If you thought facebook and twitter were invasive and allowed people to “stalk” you, just wait till people catch on to Google Latitude.

Ever go out in your city or town and wonder where all your friends are hanging out that night? You could call them all and try to meet up or even send out a mass text. Some people even post where they are on Twitter or Facebook but who wants to search around to figure out where people are. Google Latitude is the answer to that.

Simply log In to Latitude on a computer or mobile device, set your location and a map will pop up, showing you where all your friends are around you. It works with your Gmail account, allowing selected people in your contact list to know your location and vice-versa if they so choose. Although this sounds very invasive, you can change your privacy settings to select how much info a person can see, whether it is just the city you are in or the exact address. Also, when you enter a new location, it over-writes your previous location so a person can not look at a log of all your movements.

Although still a relatively new service, I believe that this type of program has the potential to really change the way people interact, just as Facebook and Twitter have.

The use of cell phones, GPS and social media have enabled people to interact easier, more often and faster. Latitude is another extention of these previous avenues of communication, allowing people to know even more about you and your location, making social interaction even easier than before.

I know I will definitely be using this service. As a resident of a small town, I don’t think it will be that helpful here, but when I move back to a big city, I will be useful. I remember countless nights in NYC, sitting at a bar with friends wondering if anyone else we know was in the neighborhood. Now we can find out with a few clicks on our phones.

Some people may be turned off and view this as a major invasion of privacy, but I see this a positive thing, allowing enhanced social interaction. I am excited to see how this technology grows and see what the future holds for these location-aware mobile apps.

To check it out visit their website at:

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