Craiggers: The Ultimate Craigslist Aggregator

Although it still has the look and feel of a website circa 1996 when it was started by Craig Newmark, Craigslist continues to be the go-to classified site to buy and sell local items.  Although Craigslist is offered in most cities and locations across the US, there is no way to search for Craigslist on a national level.  If you are looking to buy a bike in your city, this probably doesn’t matter but if you are looking to find a rare car or item that you would be willing to travel for or have shipped, Craigslist is limited.  This limitation led to the formation of Craiggers which is a Craigslist aggregator that lets you search for items through Craigslist on a national level in a user friendly and easy to use interface.

So if you are looking to break down the city level walls that Craigslist has erected, head to Craiggers and search nationally.

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The Hype Machine Radio iPhone App Has Arrived


I’ve written about Hype Machine before, so if you haven’t checked it out and you are a fan of discovering new music, then you should head there now and poke around.  Basically, Hype aggregates all the top music blogs to bring you what is hot and being listened to out there in the music blogsphere.  From new releases to the latest mashups and remixes, browsing around and “loving” songs lets you discover and share music in a cool new way.  By creating a profile, you can “love” songs and add them to your playlist.  My playlist now has over 350 songs that I can pull up on any browser and listen to.  I also follow and am followed by friends to see what everyone else is listening to.  Although not perfect, its a great way to listen and find new music in your browser.

Up until this week, it was all browser based.  Many a party I went to where I wished I could plug my iPhone in and play what i’ve been listening to on Hype so finally an iPhone App has been released where you can listen on the go.  Athough you have to pay $2.99 for it, I feel like it’s definitely worth it.  Early reviews reveal that its not perfect such as the lack of having your own “loved” songs available, but it’s a good first step and i’m sure features will be added soon in their next version.

With Google announcing their music platform this week, i’m excited to see the evolution of the music industry, making it easier to share, discover and listen to new music while keeping it all in the cloud.

Check out my newly added Hype Machine Widget on the right hand side of SML, below the Facebook Widget to see the latest songs i’m listening to on Hype.

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New Land Rover Defender in 2015?

2011 Land Rover Defender X Tech Limited Edition (UK Model) Shown

2011 Land Rover Defender X Tech Limited Edition (UK Model) Shown

When I was a kid, I was drawn to cars and trucks of all kinds, but the exotics from Europe were always parked in my dream garage.  Although most kids drooled over Porsches and Ferraris, I had a simpler, and more rugged four wheeled dream; the Land Rover Defender 90.  Don’t get me wrong, European sports cars still make my heart skip a beat, but the simplicity and boxy style of Defenders will forever make them my first automotive love.  After owning a Discovery II for 8 years, I have learned to appreciate the British craftsmanship and utilitarian style that have made Land Rovers synonymous with off-roading and adventure.  Athough many Land Rovers are mechanical nightmares (mine didn’t last much more than 85,000 miles), there is no denying their good looks and rugged charm.

Although still on sale throughout most of the world, Defenders have not been sold in the US since 1997 due to government safety regulations.  This has made the Defender a rare truck that has in effect driven prices for used Defenders up into the $40,000+ range.  For years, i’ve wondered if Land Rover was ever going to bring the Defender back and have grown very skeptical after introducing models like the Freelander which strayed from their rugged, off-road roots.  Recent reports from Land Rover indicate that they are planning on coming out with a new Defender in 2015, with a preview of it coming in 2013.  Although I am very excited with the prospect, I just hope that they stick to what made it famous and not deviate too far from it’s current look and functionality.  If they could keep the price reasonable and the mechanicals more reliable, that would also be much appreciated!  I hope Land Rover has their best and brightest on the project and I look forward to seeing what they come up with in a couple of years.

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Fuji Finepix X100: Old School Meets Digital


Ever since I showed up to photography class in High School with my fathers heavy old Nikon SLR, i’ve been hooked. Black and white photography pulled me in but now in the digital world, the ease and instant gratification of digital photography keep my interest going. Although i’m happy with my affordable Nikon D40, which takes great pictures, it’s hard not to salivate over the high end cameras that have more features than I would ever know what to do with. Most high end cameras today are packed into a modern looking package but some companies like Leica try to keep the look vintage.  This vintage look and feel however, often come at a very steep price.

This year Fuji has entered the scene with the X100, a new and powerful compact digital camera that looks like a vintage SLR complete with leather like wrap and alloy body, but with the heart of a digital camera. Although still very expensive at just around $1,200, it is almost half the price of a comparable Leica.

To learn more check out the Fuji site.

Fujifilm   FinePix X100 | Video


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Celebrate Legendary Baseball Facial Hair With Nike Hair-itage Tees

MLB Baseball has seen it’s fair share of interesting facial hair over the years.  From mullets to beards to mustaches, many famous baseball players will forever be remembered by their choice of facial hair style.  What better way to imortalize these hair styles than a tee shirt.  I’m definitely going to snag a Don Mattingly tee for myself – where would Donny Baseball be today without that ’stache?

New York Yankees Navy Nike Cooperstown Hair-itage Don Mattingly Player Tee

Seattle Mariners Royal Nike Cooperstown Hair-itage Randy Johnson Player Tee

Get yours at The National Baseball Hall of Fame Shop here: Nike Hair-itage Tees

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Who’s Gonna Save The World Tonight?

rubyskye 083

Seeing Steve Angello DJ at Ruby Skye the other week was definitely one of the best live performances i’ve ever been to.  Angello and the rest of The Swedish House Mafia have been putting out some serious heat over the past couple of years and if you have the chance to see them, you have to do it.  One song that stood out was “Save The World” which Pete Tong just debuted on BBC the other night.  The energy of this song live was amazing, but this recording will have to do for those who weren’t there – enjoy:

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See You Later Hammock, Meet Nestrest

Hammocks are great for lounging on a sunny day, but where do you lounge when you want to get a little more cozy?  Introducing the Nestrest, a nest/den for humans.  With the option of having it suspended or planted on a base, this lounger is super unique and plush.  One look at the pictures and you can imagine how comfy it would be to curl up in one.

Nestrest Hanging lounger  chalk

Nestrest Hanging lounger  chalk-1

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Classic Porsche 911 Meets Modern Power In The Shape Of The Singer Concept 911

Ever dream of driving a classic Porsche 911 which has the body and heart of a modern Porsche?  Well the folks over at Singer decided to turn this dream into a reality and they are calling it the Singer Concept 911.  The Singer 911 is a modern Porsche drivetrain with a 410 HP 3.82 L flat 6, wrapped in a custom carbon fiber body that takes its styling cues from the classic 911 shape.  This beautiful and brand new classic like you may have guessed, doesn’t come cheap with a price tag of $200,000.






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Norrona: Quality Outerwear In A Bright Package From Norway

norronaThe outdoor apparel world is chock full of companies all trying to carve out their niches in this competitive landscape.  On the top are companies like Arc’teryx , Patagonia and Marmot  who are focused on producing quality technical outerwear for people who actually need it.  Sealed zippers and 25k waterproof ratings are demanded for this upper level of gear.  Up until the last couple of years most of these companies only focused on performance and didn’t spend too much time worrying about looks.  Recently we have seen companies, like my boys over at Trew Gear, try to make performance outerwear that looks cool too.  Norrona is another such company and although not a new company, they are new to the USA, being offered exclusively through  Their outerwear features Gore-Tex Pro shells with taped seams and everything you would expect from a $500 jacket.  They set themselves apart aesthetically with their super neon zippers, matched with equally as bright solid prints making their line-up loud but having the quality to back it up.

The one product I have purchased and tested is their 25L pack, the Narvik which retails for around $150.  When I bought the pack before the ski season, there were no reviews on it and only one product image.  I took a chance and so far i’m loving it.  You get everything you would expect from a quality backcountry pack: diagonal ski carry with adjustable width, internal shovel pocket, bladder compatible with room for hose in shoulder straps, beefy waist strap and plenty of straps and comfort adjustments.  One thing I love is the way the top zipper opens.  As someone who takes pictures in the backcountry, I am often taking my pack off to grab my camera.  The top zipper opens towards the back and not away so that items in the pack don’t flop out of the pack.  There is also a zipper on the side so that you can access things quickly without having to go through the top opening.  The straps and ergonomics of the pack are almost too good, making it hard to take the pack off as it is formed to my back so perfectly.  The materials used are all of high quality and of course the zippers catch a lot of eyes.  The size coming in at 25L is perfect for side-country jaunts or single day tours.  I have enough room for my shovel, probe, SLR camera, skins, extra layer, water bottle and a small lunch or snack bars.   Although there is a lot of competition in the pack world from the likes of Osprey, Ortovox, Dakine etc… this pack is well worth the price and a nice change up from the usual suspects.  If you are looking for new backcountry ski pack, I would definitely recommend this pack, if you can find one (looks like Backcountry is solid out).

Norrona Narvik 25L


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New Kicks For Spring: Nike Air Pegasus 89

After a solid 6 month hiatus, I have returned and have plenty to share.  First up to the plate is my latest pair of kicks just in time for spring.  I have had my eye on the Air Pegasus 89s for awhile, however this style is super hard to find in the states and does not get much re-issue love from Nike.  Luckily I was able to snag them on eBay from the UK.

Nike Air Pegasus 89

Nike Air Pegasus 89

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