After owning my iphone 3G for a solid 9 months now, I am still amazed by how much it can do. After the big switch from Verizon and my BlackBerry, I would say that the iphone is worth it in every way (except typing long emails).

Ever since I bought it, I have paid extra attention to the iphone commercials that show a person using different apps. After every new commercial I always check out the apps that were featured and usually end up with at least one of the apps on my phone. Pretty smart ad campaign in my mind. Other than the commercials or looking at the top 25 downloaded list, I usually check friend’s iphones and see if they have something new and exciting on theirs.

Although there are some great apps out there for a fee, I prefer to peruse the free bin and find the apps that do a lot, but don’t cost a thing. Although there are thousands out there, I find myself using the same apps over and over. Here is my humble list of the top 15 free iphone apps……

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